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Hallo Friends and Supporters of Direct Democracy in Britain,

A few days ago we received a request for a speaker, from Leon Noakes, 
copied below.

If you would like to act as a speaker at the proposed meeting in Wales 
then please contact Leon Noakes via e-mail <leonnoakes at>

Good wishes,
Michael Macpherson

Leon Noakes wrote:

    Hi there,

    I was just reading your website with great interest, as I am looking
    to book a speaker for an event this Summer, in Cardiff, Wales., on
    the topic of holding Local Government referenda.

    Do you have anyone who might be able to deliver an informative talk
    on this topic; or, perhaps know of someone who may prove persuadable?

    I would be very thankful indeed if you could help us out with this:
    I should also add, that we will be hiring a high quality venue in
    close proximity to the Welsh Assembly buildings, for the event in
    question, and we would cover your travel expenses if required.

    Thanks in advance,

    Leon Noakes

    (leonnoakes at

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