[Diggers350] Paul Mason goes into financial meltdown in City of London...

Clive Menzies Clive at clivemenzies.co.uk
Fri Nov 14 21:59:41 GMT 2014

Hi Paul

I'd seen this Paul Mason clip and he doesn't get it!

He's frustrated at the lack of accountability over RBS but is deluded if 
he thinks any of the mechanisms such as the law, regulation or 
parliament are going to doing anything effective to sort out the banks. 
They work for RC interests which include a large constituency of banking 
dynasties. Mark Carney, Bank of England Governor and Goldman Sachs 
alumnus, is Chairman of the Financial Stability Board in Basel, closely 
associated with the privately controlled Bank of International 
Settlements which controls global banking. Whose interests is he serving?

See attached.



On 14/11/14 13:19, Paul Mobbs mobbsey at gn.apc.org [Diggers350] wrote:
> Yeah! I think he makes all the salient points here --
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf7a53y9RRM
> :-(
> If the financial journalists are beginning to lose
> the plot, why does the rest of "the system" (and
> other journos) not do the same?
> P.

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