Crackdown on retrospective applications

Simon Fairlie chapter7 at
Fri Sep 19 10:17:48 BST 2014

The new government consultation on travellers includes the most  
worrying piece of  planning legislation yet, and it affects all of us:

4.8 The Government does not wish to remove the ability to apply for  
retrospective planning permission, which allows for the correction of  
innocent mistakes where applicants are unaware that planning  
permission is required. But at the same time, intentional abuse of  
the system by those who choose to ignore planning rules is  
unacceptable and brings the planning system into disrepute.
4.9    The Government therefore proposes to amend national planning  
policy and Planning Policy for Traveller Sites to make clear that  
intentional unauthorised occupation, whether by travellers or members  
of the settled community, should be regarded by decision takers as a  
material consideration that weighs against the grant of permission.

What this means is that not having anywhere else to live weighs  
against your right to live somewhere.

Note also how they are introducing this measure through a traveller  
policy which few people will oppose; and then they can argue that  
what applies to travellers  should apply to everyone. 

Simon Fairlie

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