Interpreting the English Village: Landscape and Community at Shapwick, Somerset

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Interpreting the English Village: Landscape and Community at Shapwick, Somerset

Aston  (Author)
Fascinating, compelling and never patronising, this magnificent book 
is popular archaeology at its best. I cannot recommend it too highly. 
10/10 --Steve Marshall, Fortean Times

Interpreting the English an interesting, informative and 
entertaining description of the results of a 10 year study into the 
wilds of Somerset. Its plentiful full color images and sidebar 
stories assist in making the story come alive, and, by the way, 
passing along the wider history of the British Isles... This is a 
great example of the public archaeology output from landscape 
archaeology, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. --K. Kris Hirst, Archaeology Guide inspiring example of a local study carried out by the people, 
about the people and written for the people... yet it might well be 
asked why it should merit a place on the bookshelves of enthusiasts 
of archaeology in Cornwall, or other places [outside of] Shapwick 
[and Somerset]. Quite simply, besides being a good read, it provides 
a possible model for others to follow in their own communities. Not 
only does it show how various disciplines have been applied but it is 
clear to follow, without the jargon that can be so daunting, and 
abundantly supplied with maps, so strangers can locate the places 
named with ease... Every parish deserves this treatment. --Roger 
Smith, Cornwall Archaeological Society Newsletter

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