Next Parliament must introduce direct democracy

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For a new Democracy Bill to enable the following power:
_*Using the citizens' initiative a large number of citizen-electors can 
instigate a binding referendum_*

Simply giving away your vote at a general election once every few years, 
then having no say during the years between, cannot be regarded as 
effective democracy.

In contrast, direct democracy enables every citizen to take part in 
developing policy and deciding important public issues while keeping 
tabs on MPs, government and local councils. The "tools" for this have 
been tried and  tested – they include the citizens' law-proposal, the 
veto-referendum, the constitutional referendum and the recall of elected 

Only important matters selected and chosen by citizens and very well 
supported can go to referendum and so there is no risk of "overload".

MPs and government should do most of the work of running the country for 
us. Direct democracy can enable the people to guide and correct them if 
need be.

We propose and insist that Members of Parliament shall give their full 
support to a new Democracy Bill. This will enable the procedures of 
direct democracy to be used in central and local government. Crucial 
content of the Democracy Bill shall concern:
The citizens' initiative. This may be known as the proposition or the 
law-proposal.  Using the citizens' initiative a large number of 
citizen-electors (say two or three percent) can instigate a binding 
referendum by endorsing an initiative-proposal within say 18 months of 
its publication.

Politicians are in the main opposed to this type of democracy. Parties 
and governments have acted to hinder reform so to achieve progress we 
will need lobbying and campaigning.
For discussion and advice about how to promote the Democracy Bill 
contact the Campaign for Direct Democracy GB.

Campaign for direct democracy in Britain
Citizens' Initiative and Referendum I&R ~ GB  Link to site index

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