Evictions from rented homes hit record levels in 2014

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<div>Repossessions<br />Evictions from rented homes hit record levels in 2014<br /><br />http://www.theguardian.com/money/2015/feb/12/evictions-rented-homes-record-levels-2014<br /><br />Homes in England and Wales being repossessed at a rate of 115 a day, according to Ministry of Justice<br /> Evictions from rented homes are at their highest level since records began.<br />Hilary Osborne Thursday 12 February 2015 15.31 GMT<br /><br />http://www.theguardian.com/money/repossessions<br /><br />The number of people evicted from their rented homes hit record levels in 2014, according to official figures published on Thursday, with rising rents and changes to benefits amongst the factors taking their toll on tenants’ finances.<br /><br />Data from the Ministry of Justice showed that 42,000 homes were repossessed by landlords in England and Wales during the year, a rate of 115 a day. This was the highest figure since the records began in 2000, and came as the
 number of mortgage borrowers having their homes repossessed fell to its lowest level in eight years.<br /><br />Advertisement<br /><br />The MoJ figures do not show what types of landlords were behind the evictions, which were up by 11% on the previous year, but its data for repossession claims show that social landlords made more attempts to recover properties than private landlords.<br /><br />These landlords are typically housing associations providing homes at lower rents than the market rate, often to tenants who receive housing benefit.<br /><br />In the final three months of the year, the figures show that 62% of possession claims – the first stage of the legal process were made by social landlords. Alongside these 21,576 court actions were 4,564 by private landlords and 8,555 accelerated claims, which may have been made by social or private landlords. The MoJ estimated that 21% of these claims could result in an eviction.<br /><br /><br />Home
 repossession at lowest level since 2006<br /> Read more<br />In May 2014, when the threat of eviction by landlords reached its highest level for a decade, the National Housing Federation, which represents housing associations across England, told the Guardian that the removal of the spare room subsidy was causing problems for social landlords.<br /><br />Advertisement<br /><br />Benefits sanctions were also thought to be causing problems.<br /><br />The housing charity Shelter said the figures “paint a grim picture” of the impact the shortage of affordable homes was having on tenants.<br /><br />Its chief executive, Campbell Robb, said: “With the cost of housing sky-high, we are hearing from increasing numbers of families who are terrified that just one thing, like a sudden illness or job loss, will leave them homeless.<br /><br />“The failure of successive governments to build anywhere near enough affordable homes combined with a wave of
 welfare changes is making it harder and harder for people to stay in their homes.”<br /><br />Figures published on Wednesday by estate agents Countrywide showed how tenants around the UK have faced above inflation rent rises over the past year.<br /><br />The cost of renting a one-bedroom property has risen by 2.7% over the past 12 months, to an average of £688 a month, while a three-bedroom family home now costs 2.2% more at an average of £875 a month. In Greater London rents have risen by 4.4% to an average of £1,137 a month.<br /><br />Meanwhile, mortgage costs have fallen and lenders have continued a programme of forebearance for borrowers struggling with repayments.<br /><br />The number of people who fell behind with their mortgage repayments or had their home repossessed last year fell to the lowest level in eight years, according to data from lenders.<br /><br />There were 21,000 repossessions last year, 26% fewer than the 28,900 in 2013,
 and the lowest number since 2006, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders.</div>
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