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Nicole Vosper nicolevosper at gmx.com
Thu Feb 26 15:31:50 GMT 2015

News from court:

Yorkley Court Community Farm lost in court this morning. The judge ruled
in favour of millionaire, Brian Bennett. There is a possession order. A
timeframe for eviction has been given.

They have:

24 hours for farmhouse
3 days for area surrounding farmhouse
14 days for the bottom strip.

People living at the farm will be meeting this afternoon to determine
what they will do next and what support they need.

Please continue to support them! Visit/donate/spread the word.

More people are hugely welcome on site. Travel money can be given if its
a barrier for you. Please bring sleeping equipment and be prepared.

Donate money here: https://funds.gofundme.com/dashboard/mr9arc

Email: yorkleycourt at gmail.com
Facebook: YorkleyCourtCF
Twitter: @yorkleycourt
Web: https://www.yorkleycourt.wordpress.com
Phone: 07522 025 889

Viva YCCF!

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