Chris Baulman: 'Homelessness is a system'

Tony Gosling tony at
Thu Jan 1 17:38:35 GMT 2015


Even foxes have their holes


The State's most pernicious way of intimidating 
man into conformity is its promotion of home 
ownership. Homelessness is "systemic" - our 
system causes & relies on it for control. Whoever 
owns the land owns the food and water and will soon enough own the populace.

Land ownership inflates rents by capitalising on 
the COMMUNITY's development. Land (&air) is the 
birthright of all not the asset of some.

A new model for both housing & work is needed to 
end homelessness, accommodate refugees and 
address climate change. If you support "a right 
to shelter" you'd surely support a right to build it for yourself.

This model would uphold the rights of the 
landless poor while serving the natural desire of 
all people, rich and poor, to have a neighbourhood that works.

•Private property rights are foundational to “the system”
•While the UN Declaration of Human Rights 
identifies the right to life, & a right to 
shelter, no right of access to land for shelter 
is identified – this “omission” is strategic to “the system”
•To get a property right you must first prove 
your value to the system - or be continually 
assessed as 'deserving' of taxpayer support.
•Provision of shelter as welfare is expensive & 
will be indefinitely forestalled for “higher” 
budget priorities by the majority of voters who 
are now committed to personal property interests
•Ownership “right to property” is unlimited by 
any right of landless people to the elements for 
life - air water sunlight & LAND whereby they 
could build their own shelter & end homelessness
•If you support a “right to shelter” you’d surely 
support a right to build it for yourself
•It may be thought too late to identify land 
access as a human right because of the property 
system and, in a democracy, the interests of the 
majority where their “property rights” hold sway. 
It may even seem that there is no longer space or 
need since even the unemployed get enough money 
for food and shelter - but is this just or sustainable?
•Any unemployed person choosing to build shelter 
and grow their own food would become less 
dependent on welfare. They would also be breaking 
ground in sustainable development for all – they 
would be doing essential work which the state should recognise.
•Additional land for public housing should be 
made available for any who would take on those responsibilities.
•Any birthright of access to free land should be 
limited by the responsibility to use it in 
accordance with that right 
 to maintain or 
develop a home, grow veggies AND to do it sustainably

Statement of project’s purpose
•End Homelessness
•Social Inclusion
•Personal Empowerment
•Sustainable Development

Brief description of methods
•Provide an on-line forum for the voiceless with 
a process for leaderless co-operation (see )
•Show Social Returns on Investment
•If necessary, wait for the tide to turn

Implications for theory, policy, and/or practice
For example, in Australia, the opportunity 
currently only enjoyed by the unemployed over 
55yo to do community work needs to be extended to the under 55's as well.



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