Number of evicted tenants is soaring, Ministry of Justice figures show

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Number of evicted tenants is soaring, Ministry of Justice figures show

Labour has blamed the increase on the failure of wages to keep up with rents
  Nigel Morris     Deputy Political Editor    Tuesday 30 December 2014  		
Soaring numbers of tenants are being turned out 
of their homes by bailiffs, Ministry of Justice 
statistics disclosed last night.
The surge in evictions was blamed by Labour on 
the failure of wages to keep pace with rent 
increases, as well as the introduction of the 
so-called “bedroom tax” last year.
County court bailiffs repossessed 41,195 
properties on behalf of landlords in the 12 months to September.
Labour, which released an analysis of the MoJ 
figures, said it estimated 90,000 people had been evicted over the period.
The total represented a 49 per cent increase on 
the 27,628 evictions over the same period four years earlier.
The MoJ figures, which relate to England and 
Wales, also showed 11,100 repossessions took 
place in July, August and September – the highest quarterly total on record.
The number of repossession claims issued by 
landlords has risen by 27 per cent over four years to more than 170,000.
Similar pressures are being felt in Scotland 
where the proportion of tenants in arrears rose 
last year from 6.3 per cent to 6.6 per cent.
Emma Reynolds, the shadow housing minister, said: 
“These figures lay bare the extent of the 
cost-of-living crisis across the country.”
But Brandon Lewis, the housing minister, said: 
“We have worked hard to increase the number of 
new homes, help people on to the property ladder 
and provide more affordable options for people who want to rent.”
He said rents had fallen in real terms each year 
since 2010, but ministers remained “determined to 
do all we can to create a bigger, better private rented sector”.
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