Poole, Dorset public land claim and occupation - invite extended

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Last week we reclaimed 32 acres of council owned land.
With the help of common law sheriffs and the wider common law society, this land has now been put into an Allodial Trust, which makes any eviction from this land unlawful.
It is our aim to create a sustainable and free community on this land.
We do have a cosey straw bale accommodation and will be expanding accommodation as we go.
We are short of funds , short of material and short of people power, but not short of enthusiasm..
Please feel free to come down for a day or even several days. the site has human presence 24 7 spare bedding and spare sleeping space,and we are all a freidly and accommodating crew.
We are situated in Poole Dorset.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bearwood-and-Merley-Organic-Free-Energy-Community/863566677019813 https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bearwood-and-Merley-Organic-Free-Energy-Community/863566677019813

Common Law Sheriffs Take Back Land To Feed The Poor.
Yesterday morning Common Law Sheriffs helped the Bearwood and Merley Organic Energy Community Group to take over 2 fields of publicly owned land, 
They mean to use the land to grow organic vegetables which will be handed out to the poor people of the area. They also intend to construct a solar power installation that will be connected to the main grid, with all proceeds going to the local council to help reduce peoples council taxes. They also have plans to construct low impact sustainable dwellings that can house the homeless or the area
The land is next door to Canford Arena on the Manga Road between Merley and Bearwood, and has been held under trust to Poole and Bournemouth councils. Neither councils have made used of this land and have allowed the private concerns of Billy Riddle to block public access to the land by dumping lorry loads of ballast and tarmac at the access points to deter access of the public
It is suspected that the land has a long term ear mark for the private development of the millionaire housing estate that runs along the edge of the land..
The common law sheriffs are there to protect and facilitate the project, which is part of the The Bearwood and Merley Organic Energy Group

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 Myself and some friends have been in Wales for a year trying to buy land but, sadly, are now leaving.  We have this yurt for sale.  Please get in touch if you are interested. 



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