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>  Please FWD.. BBC, Where Am I Sleeping Tonight (2015)
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>  Atrocity for profit: Who really holds the key to Britain's 'invisibl
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>  Amazing news – Dudleston no longer under threat – Recl
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>  1   Please FWD.. BBC, Where Am I Sleeping Tonight (2015)
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>   *****
> BBC Bristol Documentary by Martin Reed
> Britain's Next Generation Of Warriors
> Hidden: Bristol's hungry cave dwellers & sofa surfers who aren't
> officially homeless
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05nxhgr
> Shown at 2am on the BBC - Thu 9 Jul 2015 - 02:25 -
> <http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree>BBC THREE
> Where Am I Sleeping Tonight? (2015)
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF2lon-d5Aw
> To keep themselves off the figures, officially many of those in this
> film are not homeless.....
> At 16, Martin Read found himself living on the streets. Since then,
> he's spent time in prison and suffered from mental health issues. But
> he has picked himself up and is now a film director. This, his first
> film, is made in and around Bristol and tells the stories of the
> young people he meets who are not registered anywhere as homeless but
> are forced to sleep on friends' sofas, in tents, in caves, under
> bridges and on the streets.
> Since the introduction of the bedroom tax, benefit sanctions and the
> privatisation of many hostels, the under-25s have been hit hard.
> Charities estimate that the real number of 'hidden homeless' is three
> times as high as the official homeless figure, so that almost half a
> million people are now sleeping rough or being supported by friends.
> Martin's past experiences have enabled him to gain unrivalled access
> into the worlds of those he meets, and the result is an honest and
> revealing look at what homelessness for young people really looks like
> today.
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>      2   Atrocity for profit: Who really holds the key to Britain's
> 'invisibl
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>   Tue Jul 28, 2015 2:50 pm (PDT) . Posted by:   "Tony Gosling" diggers350
> <tony at cultureshop.org.uk?subject=Re%3A%20Atrocity%20for%20profit%3A%20Who%20really%20holds%20the%20key%20to%20Britain%27s%20%27invisibl>
> Who really holds the key to Britain's 'invisible handcuffs'?
> http://www.rt.com/op-edge/uk-modern-slavery-crime-555/
> Beginning his working life in the aviation
> industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is
> a British land rights activist, historian &
> investigative radio journalist. Over the last 20
> years he has been exposing the secret power of
> the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and
> élite Bilderberg Conferences where the dark
> forces of corporations, media, banks and royalty
> conspire to accumulate wealth and power through
> extortion and war. Tony has spent much of his
> life too advocating solutions which heal the
> wealth divide, such as free housing for all and a
> press which reflects the concerns of ordinary
> people rather than attempting to lead opinion,
> sensationalise or dumb-down. Tony tweets at
> @TonyGosling. Tune in to his Friday politics show at BCfm.
> Published time: 20 Dec, 2013 14:10
> <http://on.rt.com/9kcuxx>Get short URL
> Reuters / Phil Noble
> Reuters / Phil Noble / Reuters
> 1.1K1
> The latest menace to society was splashed across
> the London press this week: the scourge is
> “Modern Slavery,” and a new parliamentary bill
> has been drafted to put an end to it.
> Tags<http://www.rt.com/tags/crime/>Crime,
> <http://www.rt.com/tags/uk/>UK,
> <http://www.rt.com/tags/human-rights/>Human
> rights,
> <http://www.rt.com/tags/immigration/>Immigration,<
> http://www.rt.com/tags/violence/>Violence
> But this is not the debt slavery, hastened by the
> 2008 bailout that comes from our 30 million
> landless people's uphill struggle to earn a “living wage.”
> No. This new slavery is conducted by “ruthless”
> individuals housing and feeding Britain's growing
> army of destitute citizens in exchange for labor.
> Home Secretary Teresa May triumphantly tells us
> the punishment for the modern slave-keeper will be “life imprisonment.”
> Kind or cruel, the morality of employers that
> provide only food and accommodation depends
> entirely on their character: the quality of
> accommodation, how many hours “resident
> employees” have to work and how much, if any,
> cash they get. The sad contrast, lost on the Home
> Secretary, is that many normal wage paying
> employers treat their employees as expendable
> nobodies and pay barely enough to cover Britain's
> grossly inflated housing, transport, food and
> energy costs, leaving these “non-slave” workers
> with no disposable income at all.
> Britain's establishment no strangers to slavery
> To discover Britain's role in sponsoring slavery,
> ancient and modern, perhaps we should look at the
> ruthless grip on trade secured by English
> corporations of the past. Similar to the model of
> Germany's earlier Hanseatic League, England's
> Merchant Adventurers were a commercial alliance
> formed in 1407, soon controlling three-quarters of the nation's foreign
> trade.
> By 1689, the monopolistic profit creaming of the
> Merchant Adventurers had become so parasitic to
> all forms of business that their Royal Charter
> was revoked, but all was not lost for the privileged merchant elite.
> Anticipating this demise, many of the old
> Medieval Templar ports had established formal
> cartels and a Bristol-based corporation had been
> established in 1552 called the Merchant Venturers.
> They took over where monopolists like the
> Merchant Adventurers had left off and became
> prime movers behind the infamous and highly
> profitable “triangular trade” in African slaves.
> Arms and manufactured goods were shipped from
> Bristol to the West African colonial stations
> where black slaves were kidnapped by rival
> tribes, usually at gunpoint, chained, sold and
> shipped to the West Indies. From there molasses
> and other lucrative foodstuffs from the slave
> plantations were shipped back to Bristol and other European markets.
> The “Middle Passage” was the one side of the
> triangle that did not touch Europe, so the
> Merchant Venturers' horrific human trade was kept
> quiet, one step removed from Bristol. Between
> 1600 and eventual abolition in 1807, scholars
> estimate around 15 million African slaves were
> trafficked in chains across the Atlantic.
> Reuters / Stefan Wermuth
> Atrocity for profit
> One in eight, that's a staggering 2 million, did
> not survive the journey and most of those who
> died in the appalling conditions were ignominiously thrown overboard.
> London's Conservative mayor, Boris Johnson, an
> elite Oxford Bullingdon Club initiate with

> Cameron and Osborne, recently declared that
> "greed ... is a valid motivator ... for economic
> progress." A wide gap, he attested, between rich
> and poor is essential in fostering "the spirit of
> envy," reminding us once again that greed is a
> "valuable spur to economic activity."
> The slave traders produced good figures, enormous
> rates of return for merchants and investors
> alike. Other than the seminal 1977 US TV series
> “Roots” and one of Marlon Brando's most
> brilliant, if obscure, feature films, “Burn!”
> (1969), the wicked inhumanity of the slave
> profiteers has been all but expunged from dumbed
> down 21st Century Western culture.
> The slave traders - where are they now?
> The Merchant Venturers did not die with William
> Wilberforce's 1807 Slavery Abolition Act, they
> diversified. Just as the Rockefeller family found
> they could make more money pressing buttons in
> banks than in the dynasty's traditional oil
> business, so the Merchant Venturers moved from
> dealing in human souls into downtown property... and finance.
> They are now Merchant “Venturer Capitalists.” No
> longer needing white-sailed and red-crossed
> ships, they simply lend and invest their billions
> wherever the returns are good, salving their
> conscience with a public profile of charitable
> work. These are our owners – their original Latin
> motto “Indocilis Pauperiem Pati” has not changed
> to this day. It is most readily translated as,
> “The poor are stupid and will suffer much.”
> 2013 ‘Modern Slavery' diversionary tactics
> So where has this government fad to end modern
> slavery actually come from? In December 2010, 11
> people were arrested for “enslaving” 19 Eastern
> European migrant workers in the Kent towns of
> Canterbury and Thanet, in southeast England. They
> were thought by police to have been held against
> their will and to have been living in substandard
> accommodation as economic slaves.
> Then in November 2013, a Maoist group based in
> London were arrested and paraded before news
> cameras, accused of keeping three women “captive”
> for 30 years. There was at least some critical
> coverage of these arrests, with some journalists
> and local people questioning whether or not
> people living with the Maoists could be
> considered slaves when they were seen regularly
> by neighbors on the street talking to local cops.
> Police, in turn, explained that the three women
> were being kept in “invisible handcuffs.”
> Sociologist Frank Furedi has been virtually a
> lone voice in criticizing the knee-jerk coverage
> of the raids and rush to legislation. Writing
> “Modern Slavery, An Invented Crime” in the online
> current affairs magazine, Spiked. He points out
> that"...there were only eight prosecutions for
> trafficking in 2011 – after all, we are meant to
> be in the grip of an epidemic."
> London Mayor Boris Johnson (Reuters / Tyrone Siu)
> Whilst aspects of these cases of “modern slavery”
> are abhorrent and testimony at subsequent court
> cases may well show maltreatment by “employers,”
> there is something entirely reasonable about some
> of Britain's hundreds of thousands of destitute
> and homeless seeking that warm bed and a roof
> over their head which the government is now
> failing to provide. One relief valve route off
> the streets since the dawn of man, squatting, has
> been criminalized by the Cameron government, too.
> A total of 700,000 people were “sanctioned” by
> Britain's welfare system last year, leaving them
> with nothing to pay the bills or feed themselves.
> The millions of families now joining queues for
> food banks' free handouts were shocked to hear
> this week that the Coalition government has
> refused an offer by the EU to help these food banks feed Britain's hungry.
> The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
> agricultural subsidies of tens of million of
> pounds to arguably the world's richest
> individual, the Queen, will, of course, continue.
> It's quite clear now the Cameron government's
> viciousness towards the poor is both sadistic and
> deliberate. It seems to be the way “modern
> slaves” collectively organize to share their
> space and food that the establishment finds so
> abhorrent. Whatever the real reason for their
> cruelty the real challenge is to ban all economic
> exploitation, not just that conducted by those
> that house homeless people or economic migrants in exchange for work.
> Wage, welfare slavery now UK govt policy
> The need to get every single human being
> throughout their lives dependent on an individual
> umbilical cord of money is the apparent object of
> the Coalition government's “Modern Slavery Bill.”
> This sits menacingly alongside their
> proposed“Digital ID” which, though administered
> by private companies, they want to be obligatory
> to complete all online money transactions.
> These invisible handcuffs are not being clapped
> on us by small groups who give work and shelter
> to destitute people, but by merchant banks and
> corporations' forcing millions below the poverty
> line into dehumanizing wage slavery. With
> covering fire from the London media and their
> political puppets, these faceless merchant
> financiers are determined to make us dependent,
> week by feeble week, on an umbilical cord of
> money over which they have total control.
> Soon these plutocrats will have us all, in or out
> of work, in their “invisible handcuffs.” They
> will be able to switch on or off any ordinary
> person's access to the basic essentials of life,
> food, warmth and shelter, at the drop of a hat.
> Meanwhile the real criminals, the City of
> London's HSBC money launderers, Barclay's
> mortgage rate fraudsters and UBS, RBS, Citigroup
> and Deutsche Bank foreign exchange rate fixers get pay rises and
> promotions.
> At the heart of this brutal nation now is a
> secret statute: greed is indeed good. Perhaps we should call it Boris's
> law?
> The statements, views and opinions expressed in
> this column are solely those of the author and do
> not necessarily represent those of RT.
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>      3   Amazing news – Dudleston no longer under threat – Recl
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>   Tue Jul 28, 2015 3:03 pm (PDT) . Posted by:   "Nicole Vosper"
> nicole.vosper
> <nicolevosper at gmx.com?subject=Re%3A%20Amazing%20news%20%E2%80%93%20Dudleston%20no%20longer%20under%20threat%20%E2%80%93%20Recl>
>   We are very excited to announce that 10 days after announcing the camp,
> the access license which would have enabled drilling, has lapsed. The
> Dudleston Community Protection Camp is being dismantled and local
> campaign group FrackFreeDudleston have made the following announcement
> below.
> The camp will now be moving to Borras Community Protection Camp
> <http://www.frackfreewrexham.org.uk/the-camp/>which is closer to the
> prison and needs and welcomes community support. For more information on
> their local struggle visit: http://www.frackfreewrexham.org.uk/the-camp/
> With a change in location, there are a few practical alterations. Please
> make sure you read all of the pages & information about the camp:
> http://www.reclaimthefields.org.uk/reclaim-the-fields-international-action-camp-2015/
> We are extremely grateful to Borras Community Protection Camp for their
> offer to host (no small task!) and are very excited about the gathering.
> Press release from FrackFreeDudleston:
> FrackFreeDudleston, along with the Dudleston Community Protection Camp,
> would like to make the following announcement. The proposed CBM test
> drilling will not now happen because the Access Licence with Mr Hickson,
> the landowner, has lapsed. When Dart Energy started the process of
> applying for permission to drill in spring 2014 they thought that the

> actual drilling would take place that autumn. The residents of the
> Dudleston area looked into the proposals with an open mind and then
> almost unanimously concluded that it was seriously bad news for the
> community and the environment and would not provide a meaningful source
> of energy for the country. Since then Defra have been forced to publish
> their own research showing that communities will indeed suffer. The
> modest amounts of money being promised to local councils as a softener
> for granting permission will do nothing to mitigate the impact on the
> people who live nearby.

> The planning application was contested by the whole community and is
> continuing its slow and tortuous passage through the planning appeal
> process. Now that the Access Licence with Mr Hickson has lapsed, it is
> technically possible for Dart to win the appeal and end up with a
> permission that they have no ability to utilise. FrackFreeDudleston, on
> behalf of the community, are confident that that won’t happen and are
> working with Shropshire Council to present a thoroughly robust case that
> should establish a national precedent for an unconventional gas
> application being refused planning permission at appeal.
> In July 2014, the Dudleston Community Protection Camp arrived at the
> site with the aim of physically preventing any drilling from taking
> place, as had happened in other areas around the UK. In Chester the
> planning permission was granted over a year ago and has still not been
> implemented because a similar community protection camp was established
> on the site and remains there today. That is happily no longer going to
> be necessary here and we would like to thank Yellow and his colleagues
> on behalf of the community for their dedication to the cause.
> An important question is whether the threat of drilling to find gas has
> gone away from this area for good. There are no certainties, however we
> have established that this area is geologically unsuitable. We have
> also established that we have a very united community, willing to stand
> up for itself in defence of the rural way of life that we enjoy. Almost
> all landowners in the area now understand the harm that would be
> inflicted by even just test drilling for gas and they know that they
> would be letting everyone else down if they were to sign up. Provided
> we remain united, the threat has pretty much gone away.
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> Diggers (& still is concerned with their history). The Diggers appeared at
> the end of the English Civil war with a noble mission to make the earth
> 'a common treasury for all'. In the spring of 1999 there were
> celebrations to remember the Diggers vision and their contribution.
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