Michel Chossudovsky: money-making war cancer nearing critical

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>Chossudovsky tells it how it is
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>Hi All,
>In a recent appearance on the 
><https://www.corbettreport.com/>Corbett Report, 
>Michel Chossudovsky, founder of the website 
><http://www.globalresearch.ca/>Global Research, 
>("Centre for Research on Globalisation") 
>discussed his latest book, The Globalization of 
>War: America's "Long War" against Humanity.
>1048 – Michel Chossudovsky on Global Warfare in the New World Order (podcast)
>In just over 23 minutes, Chossudovsky explains 
>how warfare is now being waged in all the major 
>regions of the world: Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Latin 
>America, South East Asia, The Far East, Ukraine, Russia's Borders, Africa.....
>This warfare comes in various forms: theatre, 
>sponsored insurgency, militarisation and 
>destabilisation of national economies, 
>provocation, battles for oil, conquests of new 
>frontiers for the global economy.
>The warfare is driven by very powerful corporate 
>actors which control and overshadow governments: 
>large Anglo/American oil companies, Wall 
>Street,  the military-industrial complex, media 
>conglomerates and the bio-tech behemoths.
>Global warfare is highly complex and we have to 
>connect all the different dimensions of this 
>devastating process which is destroying 
>countries, transforming sovereign nations into 
>territories, thus creating open space for 
>corporations to impoverish the world population. 
>That impoverishment is not a consequence of 
>scarcity of resources but the result of 
>manipulation and destruction of economic and 
>social structures and institutions.
>Listen and 
><http://freecriticalthinking.org/>read on. In 
>order to build any alternative to this 
>powerfully destructive force of our world, we 
>must be prepared to confront the reality of what 
>is taking place around us to be able to 
>dismantle the power structures which drive 
>global warfare and many other problems in the world.
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