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Publicity, tooth-comb Audit, Evaluation and Root-and-

 Branch Restructuring of
C.A.P. payments starts here.


£multi billion
omission from Budget speeches, the Blue Book by O.N.S. etc of spending and
receipt of public moneys – is , unacceptable.

Detailed  Transparency, Accountability,  fit for purpose evaluation and  ongoing devising and implementing of less
costly alternatives is to be adopted..

   “£594 million CAP paid to one plc ! “     (below)      s   t  
a   g   g   e  
r   i   n   g  !

2.    NOT

Omission of  annual  £10bn costs, £3.9bn receipts, etc   from Budget
speech and  HMG published stats is
to end. 

Lack of awareness of C.A.P.   (less than 15% of UK people
interviewed had heard of C.A.P. and thought they knew what it is)…    (Eurobarometer poll 2012)

A tiny  fraction of 15% will know - those
receiving huge individual payments - MP’s, Dukes. Royalty, Polo Clubs,
Racehorse and  pony paddock  owners and millionaire traditional
‘rolling acres’ landbarons receive up to/over £1m each.  

- but 95% of  British people don’t qualify  - have no ownership of bulk land.   

           3        LACK OF   -    evaluation of effectiveness of payment system .

                                          -   audit of how individual claimants spend  awards

                             -   public debate about 
effectiveness of the present system.

REJECTION -  of  alternative cost cutting payment


           4      ALTERNATIVE

   saving £2+  billion annually – (like a new RBS sale
every parliament )

            “    A  
      s   t  
a   g   g   e  
r   i   n   g             amount  “

Set a watershed limit
on each   individual payment of
the order of £23,000 -  Below
watershed ,   payments are made
as at present  as grants- benefits
to small scale agriculturalists, nursery men/women,  etc 

Above  watershed,  payments available as low interest loans secured by property

(loans repayable on
transfer of ownership of secured  property) 

renewable loans
available for qualifying agricultural/horticulture  purposes.

            5     RESTRUCTURING    “£594million paid to ….                        
s   t   a   g  
g   e   r   I   n   g

A major restructuring
system will  confine claimants
to  qualifying person persons thus
excluding  corporations (legal persons).  ONE CORPORATION (British Sugar PLC)
RECEIVED £82million  CAP payments in
one year from its UK operation and has accumulated £594m C.A.P. revenue Europewide.

The present system is
a major breach of the fundamental principles of taxation and democracy, which
implies transparency, knowledge, accountability, evaluation and  updating. At present MP's expenses are more accountable than  C.A.P. payments!


  To Ms Margaret Hodge, MP
,   Thankyou for your sterling
work  -  

 as former Chair of Public Accounts
Committee, Ms Hodge  is invited to
take up  this cause.  Alternatively it would be much
appreciated if Ms Hodge found time to meet  Mr Armstrong with a view to evaluating  the proposal and suggesting  an approach to stimulate parliamentary
action including suggesting  MP’s  likely to  pursue this cause.    
 James Armstrong,   Dorchester

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