Runnymede ecovillage in court on Magna Carta 800th anniversary day.

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Mon Jun 15 22:57:34 BST 2015

Runnymede's eco-squatters faced an eviction court case today on Magna Carta
800th anniversary day. Their story with interviews of residents including
Phoenix was featured on this evening's bulletin of BBC London News ( sorry
nothing on Internet at TOR).

The 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta by King John at Runnymede,
on the banks of the Thames, was today on Monday, 15 June. Today, the site,
between Windsor and Staines, is part of the National Trust - but bordering it,
exists a small encampment of Eco-dwellings in Coopers Hill woods which the
inhabitants call 'Runnymede Eco-Village'. They call themselves Diggers, after
the Diggers who occupied St George's Hill in 1649.

The small community is based in woodland earmarked for housing owned by a
property company Orchid who have plans to build a large housing development on
the site, and eviction notices have been served. 

Photographer Daniella Zalcman stumbled upon the group in February this year,
and, after a few phone calls, began to visit every week or so. See a collection
of photos she has taken over the course of several visits to the encampment with
the following article:

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