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>1. Radical Science and Alternative Technology: From the 70s to the Present.
>2. 28th/29th March. Women’s Gathering on 
>gender and the politics of technology, focusing on reproductive technologies
>1. Radical Science and Alternative Technology: From the 70s to the Present.
>April 11th, 1pm to 5.30pm, Feminist Library, 5 
>Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7XW. Free.
>In our highly technological industrial society, 
>key issues hinge on the politics of science and 
>technology. In the 1970s and 80s the British 
>Society for Social Responsibility in Science and 
>the alternative technology movement campaigned 
>against harmful corporate and military uses of 
>technology, for 'appropriate technology' and for 
>'science for the people.' These perspectives are 
>critically needed in the current environmental 
>crisis, whilst surveillance, automation and 
>workplace hazards continue to be major issues.
>    * Introductions: Hilary and Steven Rose 
> (BSSRS), Peter Harper (Centre for Alternative 
> Technology), David King (Breaking the Frame)
>    * Energy/food politics: Les Levidow (BSSRS), 
> Helena Paul (Econexus), speaker from Anti-Fracking Movement
>    * Social control/surveillance: Jonathan 
> Rosenhead (BSSRS), Jim Killock (Open Rights Group)
>    * Work hazards: Sue Barlow (BSSRS, women and 
> work hazards group), Eve Barker (Hazards Magazine), tbc
>For more information contact 
><mailto:luddites200 at>luddites200 at 
>or visit <>
>2. Women’s Gathering on gender and the 
>politics of technology, focusing on reproductive technologies,Â
>6pm March 28th – 4pm March 29th 2015, London. 
>The Feminist Library meeting room, 5 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7XW.
>At the first Breaking the Frame gathering in 
>2014, women started developing a feminist 
>analysis of the intersection between gender and 
>the politics of technology and how it impacts on 
>all aspects of our lives, e.g. in food 
>production, work, surveillance, digital technology, and health.
>At this event we will continue that process, 
>focusing on reproductive technologies. Public 
>debate in this area has mainly been framed as 
>science versus religious reaction, which tends 
>to ignore any feminist analysis. We shall be 
>asking: are these technologies of benefit to 
>women, and if so, which women, or do they risk 
>our health and integrate our bodies further into 
>the patriarchal capitalist system?
>Join us to explore the issues with an outstanding set of speakers:
>►Jalna Hanmer and Stevienna de Saille on a 
>radical feminist analysis of reproductive technologies
>►Rahila Gupta on sex selection and abortion
>►Donna Dickenson and Carolin Shurr on international and commercial surrogacy
>►Miriam Zoll on the impact of IVF on women
>Venue is disabled accessible, recommended minimum donation £5
>All self-defining women welcome. Cheap vegan food.
>For more information or to book, contact 
><mailto:info at>info at 
>or visit <>

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