Levellers memory still being extinguished today!

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Sun May 17 15:27:28 BST 2015

At Levellers day yesterday I was disgusted to see the spot completely built over on the outside of the south side of the chancel of Burford church, where back in the 1990s I marvelled at the bullet holes where Cromwell had the three soldiers, Thompson, Perkins & Church, executed by firing squad which had been preserved and amplified by carved arrows pointing out the bullet marks, obscured by two new wooden sheds which made at impossible, for the first time in 365 years, to see the evidence of this pernicious act.

Even at the time an enormous amount of effort was put into black propaganda pamphlets distorting the true account of Cromwell's treachery and the justice of the Leveller soldiers' cause.
I was the first person to digitise 'The Case Of The Army Truly Stated' since copied many places elsewhere...

So I
 walked into the church where a Dutch man with a badge approached me & I asked, "what are those sheds for which are covering up the bullet holes where the Leveller soldiers were shot?"
"Oh there never were any bullet holes", he told me. "That's just a myth".
"I saw them with my own eyes a few years ago", I explained. But he would have none of it & walked off to have his lunch muttering something about that was what he was told. All record of the bullet holes has also gone from the colour guide to Burford Church which you can buy there and there are no longer any postcards of them available either!
Expunged from history.
Someone does not want the Levellers story told so even more reason so read it, in the Brailsford book, and tell your kids :-)


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