'Credo': economics is a belief system - and we are ruled by fundamentalists

Paul Mobbs mobbsey at gn.apc.org
Sat Nov 7 16:26:41 GMT 2015

<http://bit.ly/20AGb1v> 'Credo': economics is a belief system - and we are ruled by fundamentalists Paul Mobbs, The Ecologist, 6th November 2015 Economics is much more than the study of money, writes Paul Mobbs. It is a belief system, and in its 'mainstream' incarnation, one that serves a very useful purpose - for those that reap the benefits. But as Brian Davey shows in his insightful new book, it's letting the rest of us down: failing to deliver human wellbeing, while driving ecological calamity. <snip> The book: 'Credo: Economic Beliefs in a World in Crisis' is written by Brian Davey and published by Feasta, 2015. ISBN 9780-9540-5103-7. £20. For a fully referenced version of this article see -- <http://www.fraw.org.uk/mei/musings/2015/20151103-credo_review.html> -- 

How can the entire professional and academic schools of Economics be so utterly wrong?
A delightful 25 minutes with Kingston University Professor, author of Debunking Economics, Steve Keen

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