Regime change in Moscow & Beijing? US 'Missile Defence Shield' aids first strike

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US 'Missile Defence'shield In Europe Designed To Enable Pentagon First Strike
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Subtitle: St Paul's Carnival takeover and Bristol's genocidal slaving Merchants
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Director of St Paul's Carnival Cleo Lake joins us to discuss the 
withdrawal of funding for Bristol's great Afro-Carribean carnival 
committee by Bristol City Council and mayor George Ferguson.
Webs of bureaucracy have blighted the negotiations over public safety 
as well as illnesses of event managers stopped the carnival happening 
in 2015 but its clear Bristol City Council have been less than 
helpful in granting the present committee an event licence. St Paul's 
poet Lawrence Hoo joins us to delve into John Cabot, Edward Colston 
genocide, slavery and Bristol's Knights Templar suppressed history as 
well as the extensive network of secret tunnels under the city.

Bruce Gagon runs the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power 
in Space: US Space Command HQ in Colorado Springs 'Master of Space'. 
He talks about the so-called Missile Defence Shield encircling Russia 
and China which is designed to take out retaliatory strikes to allow 
a US first strike. X-37B 'space plane' which can fly up into orbit, 
stay there for up to a year and shoot down 'enemy' satellites. US 
Pentagon planning regime change in Moscow and Beijing which could 
mean nuclear war.
Films about this 'Arsenal of Hypocrisy'
& 'Pax Americana and the Weaponisation of Space'
You can find Bruce and the films he recommends via GNAWNPIS at

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