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Radio 4 , Farming Today, are inviting listeners to send in questions for the  Environment Monster (sorry) Minister,  to answer  on air next week.
Here are mine.  Send in yours!


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Thank you for your questions. We are hoping to talk to the Shadow Defra Secretary next week.

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             16 September 2015 
(A question offering  HMG savings of £2billion p.a. at times of austerity)  –
Setting a maximum for  annual CAP payments to claimants of £23,000
(some presently receive £400,000  or more each , each year) Above this  proposed  limit, money  would remain available at the same level but as  zero or low interest loans  for qualifying purposes , repayable on selling or transferring
 the  entitlement or asset.  
 How  thoroughly will the Minister  investigate this proposal considering that it offers savings of £billions annually?
What formal research projects annually determine  the use to which CAP payment receivers - end users- use the  money and so allow evaluation of this major spending ?  -  whether for subsistence for low income  farming households, or for 
 leisure purposes (world cruises etc) or for capital  expenditure on qualifying agricultural machinery etc?

What  are the results of these research polls? How much do these  research projects cost?

What is the evaluation of whether these £billion  annual UK payments achieve the  aims of the Treaty of Rome?
A Eurobarometer poll  found that 15% of 1,000 UK people contacted had heard of C.A.P. and thought they knew what it was.   

Is it satisfactory that payments  to UK entitlement holders  cost taxpayers £billons annually  and that they are unaware of them and of  who receives such benefits?

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