Swallow This, The Darkest Secrets of the Food Industry, Joanna Blythman

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Swallow This, The Darkest Secrets of the Food Industry, Joanna Blythman
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Subtitle: James Files is the JFK assassin Chicago mob hitman from the 
Grassy Knoll
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We're joined by investigative journalist and author Joanna Blythman, 
author of Swallow This: Serving Up the Food Industry's Darkest 
Secrets, What to Eat: Food that's good for your health, pocket and 
plate and many other books on food. She talks about labelling, 
lobbying by the big food companies plke PepsiCo, Kraft and Unilever. 
There is a wall of secrecy around the food processing industry and 
inadequate testing and regulation by government. The 2013 Horsemeat 
Beef fraud scandal has not led to any meaningful changes so could 
happen again and may be happening now, Joanna explains why. More next week

Kevin Wilson is a Bristol student who's just come back from a summer 
holiday in Georgia, not in the USA but Georgia in the Caucuses on the 
Black Sea.

James Files is the JFK assassin Chicago mob hitman from the Grassy 
Knoll and here he talks about actually blowing the back of US 
President John F. Kennedy's head off with his Remington Fireball 
rifle. He was in Dallas with mobsters Johnny Roselli and Charlie 
Nicoletti and the operation was handled by David Atlee Phillips at 
the CIA. James Files knows he'll never be prosecuted for the murder 
because he was effectively hired by Vice-President Lyndon Johnson, 
the CIA and the FBI. He's had three attempts on his life so has 
decided to speak out about his role in the 1963 JFK assassination as 
a kind of 'life insurance' while in prison.
Mob hitman who says he was the man on the grassy knoll and killed JFK 
to be released - and he still insists he did it
James Files claims in the documentary I Killed JFK that he was the 
man who killed President John F. Kennedy
Files was moved from a high security jail to a less secure one in 
Illinois as he prepares for his release next spring after 36 years behind bars
Files says he was standing on the grassy knoll in Dallas, Texas on 
November 22, 1963 and fired the shot that killed Pres. Kennedy
He also claims that Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a single shot, and 
that his boss Charles 'Chuck' Nicoletti was in the book depository
Files claims that the CIA turned against Kennedy after the Bay of 
Pigs Invasion and plotted with the mafia to kill the president
08 November 2015

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