Ways to better democracy after UK "brexit" referendum

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Fri Jun 24 15:54:12 BST 2016

Statement by Campaign for direct democracy in Britain 

After the Brexit result many are now asking, should we have more 
referenda or do they do more harm than good? This invites the question, 
can we improve the quality of our democracy and the ways in which we 
conduct our public affairs?

Our democracy is way out of date and badly designed so that elected 
politicians often fail to represent the majority of us.

In recent years Government and Parliament have carried out ballots, 
referenda about: Scottish independence; the House of Commons electoral 
system (alternative vote); the European Union. As ruling politicians see 
it, with these ballots they were asking the people for their opinion 
about an important public issue. The results of these votes are *not* 
legally binding but are only advisory and may be ignored by the 
government of the day. This is weak democracy of poor quality.

In our opinion our state needs more and better democracy, not less. The 
right to initiate a referendum should belong to the people (acting 
through the electorate) and not lie only, as now in effect, with the 

What is meant by "more and better democracy"?

For instance,  a large number of voters should be able to start a veto 
referendum of government policy or make a formal proposal for electoral 
decision (ballot) on new law. See more detail at http://www.iniref.org

Campaign for direct democracy in Britain
Citizens' Initiative and Referendum I&R ~ GB
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