Land Grab Bill finally gets some attention over rural housing

Ram Selva seeds at
Wed Mar 23 11:59:24 GMT 2016

though there is not one mention of the word ´planning´ in the main 
article this is significant for so far abysmal coverage of the ´Housing 
and Planning Bill 2015-16´ [prefer to refer as Land Grab Bill]

Cross party collaboration in the House of [Land]Lords might be signal 
that watering down the bill for public consumption is now in full swing 

¨The Lib Dems have already signalled they will oppose the Bill in the 
Lords as it is “riddled with holes and unfairness”, and Labour claims 
some Tory peers are unhappy - notably over ditching restrictions on 
house-building in rural areas¨

-- if this attention on rural housebuilding relates to more than 
Planning in Principle clauses please let me know


An embedded link to a Jan 12 article with mention of how the first 
fortnight of 2016 was important period for many many deceptions paving 
the way for the Land Grab Bill is an important read for anyone still to 
catch up on the core strategies employed in and outside of parliament.
The attention so far has been only about grabbing land in urban areas.
Savills Report to the Cabinet, ¨Completing London´s Streets¨ [1] is a 
key milestone.

The Land Grab Bill has sections dedicated to Compulsory Purchase Orders 
and Surveying Rights that too need looked in to in detail
-- would like to know more if anyone has insights

John Healy the Shadow Minister for Housing and Planning has a lot to say 
in the above article but ¨his¨ action in commissioning the Redfern 
Review headed by none other than CEO of Taylor Wimpey[2], the leading UK 
Housebuilder ¨within¨ the FTSE100 scam needs noted.

¨[...]The Savills report was commissioned by the Cabinet Office and is 
an important contribution to the debate on housing and estate 
regeneration, but it is not an officially approved document or a 
statement of government policy. As such, not all views contained within 
it may be supported by the government[...]¨


¨The Redfern Review is being led by Pete Redfern, chief executive of 
house builder Taylor Wimpey, and is being backed by John Healey MP, the 
shadow housing minister. ¨

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