Friday 4th Nov - NEWPORT Chartist Day march

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Annual People's Chartist Day March

Public · Festival · Hosted by 
Chartist Day March
at 18:30–19:30 2 days from now · 
5–10° Mostly Sunny

Hill, Newport NP20 1 Newport
Fifth annual Silent Procession and Commemorative 
Cacophony in honour of The Newport Chartist Uprising of 1839
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Smith ­ This was the Chartist Re-enactment that 
took place in Westgate Square in November 2010 in 
which I played John Frost and Goff Morgan was the Narrator!!...

Les James

October at 21:16 ·

The Chartist Commemoration is not a service nor 
is it a religious event. Every year people gather 
to lay flowers, just as the family, friends and 
supporters of ten Chartists buried in the church 
yard did (secretly) in the years following the 
abortive Rising of 1839, when 22 men were killed 
at the Westgate Inn on November 4th. It is a 
secular event started in 1986 by members of the 
Newport Historical Society (notably Richard Frame 
and David Osmond) as there was no public 
recognition of the buried Chartists. Paul Flynn 
set up the George Shell Society to promote this 
event as an annual event and by 1988 a stone 
memorial was placed in the churchyard, unveiled 
by the novelist, Alexander Cordell. Due to 
popular will, the commemoration has continued 
every year for half an hour usually starting at 
6pm (as it will this year) through wind and rain 
for 30 years, sometimes down to half a dozen 
stalwarts, but happily since 2007 attended by 
large numbers - it's open to everyone. For very 
many years, the Cathedral Dean has attended and 
welcomed everybody and for more than a decade the 
Mayor has joined the gathering and the event has 
entered the 'civic' calendar. It is good to see 
that a number of councillors from all parties 
attend. It a moment when people from all 
democratic parties and from none, put aside 
political differences and remember that our 
liberties and freedoms were gained by the 
sacrifices of previous generations and that their 
retention depends upon eternal vigilance.
We will be there again this year at 6pm. I would 
also like to join the march to Westgate Square, a 
contrasting, yet tandem event that started a few 
years ago in the same 'ad hoc' way that the 
Churchyard commemoration got going 30 years ago. 
It is growing in popularity, reflects the younger 
generation who are driving it, its lively! Sadly 
if it doesn't start 6.30 like last year, I'll 
have to miss it - the University has organised a 
FREE lecture at the City riverside campus 7.30 on 
the Chartist legacy in Australia - and Professor 
Paul Pickering has come all the way from Sydney.

If anyone fancies a dance after the march
October at 22:04

Godwin ­ Are you back in time for this 
Jaynes ?
October at 20:50
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About Newport Chartist Day March
Chartist Day March
An annual Peoples' march to commemorate the 
Chartist uprising at Newport on November 4th 1839

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