Bristol Channel tidal vs nuclear power cost calculations

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Mon Nov 7 01:08:38 GMT 2016

OKAY. Here's the figures -

Bristol Channel tidal vs nuclear power cost 
calculations from last week's show with Paul Mobbs
- MeyGen Pentland new Scottish tidal power 
scheme: cost £1.6bn, 384MWe = 400 turbines at £4m (0.96MWe) each.
- Hinkley C EPR (PWR) nuclear reactor: cost £37bn 
= 2560MWe. (insurance and dealing with nuclear 
waste not included, paid for by taxpayers)
- Bristol Channel tidal power scheme, approximate 
cost £10.7bn: 2560MWe = 2,667 turbines at £4m (0.96MWe) each 

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