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>Here's an opportunity to take part in a 
>participatory weekend of learning, thinking and 
>planning practical action around land rights, 
>ownership and usage, and how this connects to 
>housing, food, health, nature and community:
>Land for What?
>Our aims:
>Engaging people with a 21st Century land debate
>Creating space for collaboration
>Catalysing future activities and thinking about possible structures for these
>A weekend of conversations about land hosted by 
><>Community Food Growers 
>Network, <>Just Space, 
>Alliance, <>London 
>Quaker Housing, 
><>New Economics 
>Housing Network, 
><>Shared Assets, 
><>London Community 
>Neighbourhood Co-operative, 
><>Three Acres And 
>A Cow and <>Ubele
>Resource For London, Holloway, London
>November 12th – 13th 2016
>eventbrite - 
>website - <>
>Statement of Intent
>Driving Change Through Collaboration
>In short, the status quo benefits the few at the 
>expense of the common good. So how do we address 
>this imbalance? One answer is to support the 
>coming together of all groups who have a stake 
>in this fight, be that urban housing and 
>planning advocates, rural land and farming 
>communities, health campaigners or climate change activists.
>What sort of conversations would residents of a 
>council estate up for redevelopment have with a 
>young farmer? What common ground would be found 
>between people campaigning for less sugar in our 
>diets and people campaigning to reduce the 
>negative environmental impacts of farming? What 
>can an urban planning expert learn from people 
>campaigning to protect our public footpaths in 
>areas of natural beauty, and vice-versa.
>Finding Common Issues
>These groups, and indeed the population as a 
>whole, share a common issue – that land is not 
>being used for the common good. They also share 
>potential campaign targets – the planning 
>system, land-based subsidies, and transparency 
>and distribution of ownership, to name just a few.
>Who knows what else they share? Up to now there 
>has been little overlap between these groups, 
>and almost no focus on land as a common issue. 
>Framing our struggles in terms of land rights, 
>ownership and usage, will allow us to find much 
>in common with a wide range of people.
>Building A Movement
>On November 12th – 13th a coalition of activist 
>networks and organisations are coming together 
>to begin building a movement, hosting a two day 
>series of conversations under the banner of 
>‘Land For What?’. Gathering in Resource for 
>London, Holloway Road, we aim to raise awareness 
>of land as a common struggle. This means 
>increasing people’s knowledge about land 
>ownership and the history of land struggles; 
>connecting people to share skills and 
>experiences; and inspiring people and groups to 
>take learning and energy for change back to their communities.About Us
>Our aims:
>Engaging people with a 21st Century land debate
>Creating space for collaboration
>Catalysing future activities and thinking about possible structures for these
>Our themes:
>1) Land for What?
>Capturing, sharing and discussing views on what land means to people
>What is land for? What do different movements 
>think land should be for and what problems are they facing?
>What do we have in common and where are the conflicts?
>2) Land: Past & Present
>Placing land as the common factor in multiple 
>different struggles. Getting the facts out on 
>the issues with the current system and how these 
>feed into the struggles people are familiar with.
>Reinvigorating a popular history of land rights 
>struggles in England (and the UK) and relating 
>this to international struggles where relevant.
>3) Strategy and The Future
>Options for tackling ownership directly. 
>Learning from ongoing and historical case studies.
>Options for reform of the UK’s land ownership 
>system: changes to inheritance law, the planning system, farming subsidies
>Identifying who has the power, and who we need 
>to influence, win over, or overcome.
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