Sid Rawle was writing an autobiography with Jeremy Sandford

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Fat Sid was writing an autobiography with Jeremy Sandford.
its included on my website at
but this project was never completed
I believe because Sid refused to talk about his.... predilection
for very young women
one of whom fell pregnant from him at age around 15
without her mother's knowledge
and whose life was ruined.
He was about 3 times her age at the time,

He is hated by many travellers because of this.
It was written about in
Travelling Daze
a great book
(yes, I have a page in it)

Dice George (Miles) Hatfield, Leominster

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Subject: [TheLandIsOurs] Were you on Dorinish with Sid?

Does anybody out there know anyone who was on the Scottish Island of 
Dorinish, with Sid Rawle, c 1970. If so, a TV film company doing a 
feature on the Beatles would like to interview them? (The island was 
bought by John Lennon for Sid's Diggers group).


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