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  Dear Michael,

It’s official: the EU referendum debate left voters totally in the dark.

The final result could not have been clearer. But the actual campaign 
was anything but. Today we’ve set out what went wrong – how people from 
both sides of the EU debate found the experience top-down, negative and 
personality-dominated – but more importantly, how to make referendums 
better in the future.

We’re proud to launch our definitive analysis of the EU referendum 
debate, ‘It’s Good to Talk: Doing Referendums Differently After the EU 
<>. Because 
now that the dust is starting to settle, we need to learn the lessons 
from the EU campaign.

So today, we’re calling for a root-and-branch review into how we do 
referendums in the UK, with nine key recommendations on how to ensure 
voters get the debate they deserve in any future vote.

 From giving an official body the power to censure claims that are 
misleading, to ensuring grassroots citizen involvement at every stage of 
the process, we’ve laid out the ‘referendum reforms’ that are needed to 
prevent us making the same mistakes again.

Our report has been making waves across the media today, with coverage 
in the BBC 
the Guardian 
the Telegraph 
the Sun 
and loads more. But we need you to spread it even more widely to make 
sure these calls are heard loud and clear.



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We hope you find the report interesting and useful. Instead of leaving 
voters out in the cold, together we can make sure that future 
referendums offer the kind of informed and engaging debate we need. 
Thanks for your support.

Best wishes,
Katie Ghose,
Chief Executive,
*Electoral Reform Society*
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