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Tony Gosling tony at cultureshop.org.uk
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>Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2017 10:43:34 -0600
>From: Axe The Housing Act <info at axethehousingact.org.uk>
>Subject: Plan for action: meet 09 Sept and summit 07 October
>After Grenfell, in meetings and discussions all over Britain people 
>say 'it has to change'.  We need safe, secure homes for everyone - 
>and that means action on fire safety, an end to demolitions and sell 
>offs, scrapping the Housing & Planning Act, a complete change in 
>housing policies.
>Our latest leaflet here sets out a 10-point action plan: see 
>We want to widen the campaign and link up with others fighting for 
>justice in housing, and the homes we need.  So here's a question: do 
>you agree we should invite all those interested, from estates and 
>homeless campaigns, to our next organising meeting?  This is on
>9 September 11am at Blemindsbury Tenants Hall, Dombey St WC1N 3PF - 
>see map: https://postcodefinder.guide/postcode/WC1N-3PF/
>We are planning a 'Housing Summit' on Saturday 7th October central 
>London, to bring together all the tenant groups, campaigns and 
>others and help build the housing movement, we need to win justice 
>for Grenfell and homes for all.  Put the date in your diary, and 
>send any ideas if you can't make the 9 September meeting.
>Genesis and Notting Hill Housing Associations are planning to merge 
>- if they are your landlord, can you help a campaign against merger? 
>We want an independent voice for tenants, to resist deregulation and 
>protect existing and future security and rents - get in touch if you 
>want to get involved.
>- see notes from last meeting on our website, in 'resources':
>Dates and action
>12th         March from Ferrier to Carpenters estate, Newham - 
>organised by Focus E15 campaign
>23rd  6.30pm DCH Stop Whitechapel estate demolition:  Osmani Centre, 
>Vallance/Underwood Rd E1 5AW
>9th    11am organising meeting Belmindsbury TRA Hall, Dombey St WC1N 3PF
>10 or 12th  Leafletting at TUC Brighton
>23     London march against social cleansing  Haringey
>24-25  Leafletting at Labour conference, Brighton
>7 October   Summit for Justice - safety - homes for all
>Please get in touch for more information, to pass on local reports 
>or suggestions.  And if you can help with any of the above!
>Eileen Short

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