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Hi all, 
 The Landworkers' Alliance have just launched a Crowdfunder, aiming to raise £25k over the next month to get our policies into post-Brexit agricultural policy. Please find the links and more information below and send it around your networks.
 With thanks,
 Adam Payne

 (Who, if you have questions, can presumably be spoken to via Monkton Wylde Court's main number on 01297 560342 or The Land magazine editorial line on 01297 561359)

 More farmer, Better Food – The Landworkers’ Alliance launch crowdfunding campaign to change the future of agricultural policy and we need your support.
 Today the Landworkers’ Alliance are launching a nationwide funding campaign ‘More Farmers, Better Food’ to influence post-Brexit agricultural policy. In the next 4 weeks we aim to raise £25k through public donations to support our work campaigning and lobbying for policy that will guarantee a fair future for farmers in the UK. 
 Our campaign comes as the government prepares to outline the framework for British Agricultural Policy early in 2018.
 The future of our food and farming depends this policy, it is the most significant moment in generations - We need your support to reach our target and make sure our voices are heard. The link to our crowdfunding page is:
 In the 10 years following the implementation of the 2003 Common Agricultural Policy reform 35, 000 farms left the land in the UK, most of these were small-scale and family farms. We need to ensure that British Agricultural policy will not repeat the same mistakes.
 To do this we have developed a range of policy proposals aimed at protecting small scale, traditional and family farms, creating more environmental farming systems without losing sight of production, and giving new entrants more support to set up and scale up.
 All of our policies and representation comes from our members who are farmers, growers and land-based workers who have direct experience of the issues we campaign on. We know what we want, but we need your help to take these messages to Westminster and get them heard by those in power.
 We will use the crowdfunding campaign to fund 5 key areas of work:
 1. To deliver political training sessions, that will equip members with the skills and confidence to advocate for a better food system.
 2. To send representatives to Westminster on a regular basis to make sure we have a place at the table.
 3. To write, print and get our post-Brexit Agriculture policy proposals into the hands of political decision makers.
 4. To organise stunts and actions that ensure our voices are heard.
 5. To highlight our issues by organising study tours of innovative farms, direct marketing and new entrant initiatives for MPs and civil servants.
 Now more than ever, we need to use all the energy and resources we have to influence this policy making process and ensure sure our voices are heard, our livelihoods defended and that a fair food system for all is guaranteed. 
 The link to our crowdfunding page is
 Please give generously to our crowdfunder, share this with your friends and family, and get involved in building the campaign.
 Email: info at
 Facebook: @landworkersalliance
 Twitter: @landworkersuk
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