Corbyn BACKED squatters' campaign that supported occupying empty homes

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thanks to Ram for this - headline slightly subbed for accuracy ;-)

Corbyn BACKED squatters' campaign that supported breaking into and 
occupying family homes
JEREMY Corbyn backed a squatters' campaign that encouraged supporters 
to break into and occupy family homes, a Tory dossier revealed last night.
By Macer Hall  PUBLISHED: 22:31, Thu, Jun 1, 2017
Jeremy Corbyn helped organised a meeting for the Squatters Action for 
Secure Homes (Squash) group
The Labour leader and his hard-Left ally John McDonnell helped 
organised a meeting for the Squatters Action for Secure Homes 
(Squash) group at the House of Commons.
Squash has published a DIY guide giving advice on how to disable 
burglar alarms, barricade entrances and frustrate eviction proceedings.
The pair also called for anti-squatting laws to be repealed to give 
activists rights to seize private property.
And Mr Corbyn also endorsed a "nomad law" campaign that would 
reinstate taxpayer-funded legal aid payments to people accused of 
trespassing offences.
A Tory minister last night warned that the Labour leader's links to 
squatters was further evidence of the chaos that could follow if he 
managed to sneak into Downing Street after the general election.
Home Office minister Brandon Lewis said: "Jeremy Corbyn wants to give 
taxpayers' money to trespassers and give a green light to illegal 
encampments across England.
"These extreme and nonsensical policies would blight communities, 
causing misery for their law-abiding citizens.
"Corbyn would go back to the bad old days of Labour, where planning 
rules weren't applied fairly and special treatment was given to 
different groups.
Mr Corbyn and John McDonnell also called for anti-squatting laws to be repealed
"Worse, Jeremy Corbyn would rip up anti-squatting laws, endorsing 
militant groups and anarchists who want to break into people's 
property when they are away.
"Theresa May's Conservatives will protect people's homes and stand up 
for the rule of law.
"Only a vote for Theresa May and the Conservatives will avoid putting 
Corbyn in Downing Street at the head of a coalition of chaos, with 
the Lib Dems and SNP pulling the strings."
The Tory dossier collated evidence of the support offered by Mr 
Corbyn and his shadow chancellor to groups supporting so-called 
"squatters' rights".
They hosted a Commons meeting for Squash in 2013, the dossier showed.
The Labour leader has described squatting as 'one of Britain's oldest 
forms of tenancies'
Mr Corbyn described squatting as "one of Britain's oldest forms of 
tenancies" and called for "resistance" to measures to defy squatting.
The Tories also highlight plans buried deep in Labour's genereal 
election manifesto promising wider "travellers' rights" and backing 
the "nomadic way of life".
And the dossier showed Mr Corbyn opposed the eviction of travellers 
from the unauthorised camp at Dale Farm in Essex in 2011 in a 
high-profile legal battle.
A Labour spokesman did not deny that the pair had supported 
squatters' and travellers' groups, adding: "This is not official 
Labour Party policy.
"This is just the Tories trying to distract attention from their 
damaging policies like the dementia tax."
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