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At GG HQ...  the last Spring Advance Tickets are flying out!

We're keeping £95 'Spring Advance' tickets 
available until the end of June. After that the 
price will rise. Campervan passes may run out 
soon too. So don't wait - buy your tickets now & 
look forwards to a glorious Green Gathering!

Spring Advance Tickets £95 from 


We've got a new bar this year, it'll be up on the 
plateau in front of the atmospheric neoclassical 
ruins of Piercefield House, just opposite 
Soundscape Solar Stage. It'll be selling local 
ales and ciders, organic wines, rum 'n' ginger - 
it'll be a fine place to hang out listening to 
bands - but we haven't got a name for it. What 
shall we call our new bar? (See pics above & below for it's location.)

Email your ideas to news at by 
June 30th and we'll choose a name from your 
suggestions. The person who suggests the winning 
name will earn themselves a couple of lovely free 
drinks at the bar bearing their name. (Ahem, no, 
it's NOT going to be called 'Barry Mc-Barface' 
like that ship nearly was when 'the public' were 
called on to do some naming a wee while ago!)

SPEAKERS' FORUM LINE UP - announcements #2:

Joining Jamie Kelsey Fry (New Internationalist), 
Tamasin Cave (Spinwatch), Molly Scott Cato (Green 
MEP), David Osbiston and David Taylor... we'll have:
    * Karen Pike: 
Nature, Mother Nurture.
    * Activist Paul Mobbs with his Protestagram.
    * Louise Somerville Williams on Fracking and Extreme Energy.
    * Shane Collins & Theo Simon: Nuclear at Hinkley, a deal not done.
    * Disability Rights with Mary Ellen Archer.
    * Donnachadh McCarthy: The Prostitute State v. Climate Action.
    * Bicycles in the UK & on tour with Crispin Cooper & Tandemonium.
    * Simon Fairlie (The Land): a Post-Brexit Rural Manifesto.
Plus lots more tbc - to make you think, debate & question what you know!

CRAFTS at The Green Gathering

An amazing opportunity to learn traditional 
skills! We'll have over 30 beautiful, independent 
workshop spaces at GG this year, including:

Green wood-working; bee-craft; mattress making; 
spinning, weaving and dying; pottery; 
blacksmithing; jewellery-making; leatherwork; 
upcycling; thatching; stone carving; basketry; 
tool-repair; coin-cutting; spoon carving... and more.

Free sessions for all ages in the Craft Office & 
The Classroom - funded by the Green Gathering Charity - will include:
    * Black Cat – Leather Rainbow Flowers
    * Wanderlust Jewellery  – Macrame Jewellery
    * Hot Press – Mono-printing with leaves and feathers
    * Chris Perkins – Tool Sharpening
    * Earth Jewellery Creations – Jewellery 
making using naatural and upcycled materials
    * Lucy Stockton-Smith  – Bookbinding
    * K-Cycle – Upcycled bike flowers, tetra-pak 
walletss and milk bottle badges
    * In Two Infinity – Sacred Geometry

The Craft area will host site art by Roadside 
Recycling and Ian Freemantle; plants and décor 
by Molly Mason for 'The Garden that Deedun' and 
Symbiant Events; Fire Table by Mark Evans; Fun & 
Games by TreeMenders; and by popular demand, 
another Kate Bush Flashmob by Labyrinth Arts – 
see info tent for where and when.


Calling all families... Your whole festival need 
not to be spent in our dedicated Kids' Garden 
May news), fantastic though it will be! There's 
heaps for big and little kids all over the 
festival site, including in our Permaculture Zone.

Permaculture Freeplay Tent: hang out, paint, do 
lego or just watch your kids play with new friends (afternoons).

Permaculture Babies Yurt: meet the Connecta-Baby 
crew, borrow a sling from their sling library, 
enjoy a quiet space for breastfeeding.

Forest School: join us for scavenger hunts; get 
creative with clay, willow and hazel; visit and 
learn with the permaculture chickens.

Pot Luck Supper: bring your own supper; followed 
by hot chocolate & marshmallows, stories & music (every evening)


Thanks to 
Wholefoods - a workers' co-operative celebrating 
its 40th anniversary this year - for funds 
towards DIY archive project and travelling 
exhibition Resistance! - 25 years of UK 
grassroots movements for social change which our 
Campaigns Field will be hosting this year.

Resistance! aims to foster a public archive of a 
vibrant protest culture in the UK; it's a 
documenting of history by the people who made 
that history. It is an organically evolving 
archive that aims to span 25 years of movements 
for social change, from the 1990s road and animal 
rights protests to squatting and housing, from 
domestic violence and disability rights to LGBTQI 
and feminism, from anti-war and anti-racism to 
anti-capitalism and climate justice
 creeating a 
rare chance to see printed materials, artwork, 
photos, videos and disobedient objects from a 
whole host of protest movements, all under one roof!


... or the Campaigns Field, Co-operators' Camp, 
Healing Circle, Faerie Glade, Tipi Circle, Green 
Markets, Hill Village, Raconteurs' Delight and all...

To find out more about these and everything Green 
Gathering, keep checking our website for updates: 

Remember - if you fancy arriving at the Greenest 
festival in the land on two wheels, contact 
who are offering to share their journey from 
Bristol train station to The Green Gathering with 
is offering discounts on reclaimed, pre-pitched 
tents to folks who sign up to cycle! Find out 
more (and check out the cyclists' goodie bag 
on our website.

Spring Advance Tickets UNTIL JUNE 30th ONLY
£95 from 

See you in the fields...


The Green Gathering is a festival and an 
education, an interactive showcase of renewable 
energy and off grid solutions... all powered by wind, sun and people.

There's live music, acoustic sessions, poetry 
slams, comedy, dance, storytelling, interactive 
art, kids and teens activities, ancient wisdom 
and crafts, permaculture, traditional healing, 
campaign stalls, and 100s of practical 
skillshares geared to sustainable futures.
The Green Gathering has a history entwined with 
the Green and Peace movements, Glastonbury 
Festival, Stonehenge and Climate Camp. The 
original solar-powered festival has been through 
ups and downs, grown big, been busted, and gone 
back to its roots... 

The festival is produced by a Community Interest 
Company, and commissioned by the Green Gathering 
Charity which aims to keep the spirit of the 
Gatherings true, while educating for 
sustainability and  empowering us to create a 
better future. 
GG Charity



Authentically uncommercial and family friendly, 
our aim is to turn people on to low impact living.

GG is a festival beyond hedonism, for people who 
love the earth enough to want to celebrate it, 
and save it. It's a place to party - then wake up and put the world to rights!


We still need a few more crew...
If you'd like to get involved behind the scenes 
at GG 2017, please have a look at the 
& how to apply on our website.

To join our lovely traffic team, email traffic at

Applications for Traders, Artists & Craftsfolk are now closed.



We’ve teamed up with some fabulous makers of 
authentic dwellings – Tipis and Bell Tents (Yurts 
have all gone, sorry!) – annd with Camplight who 
upcycle abandoned tents and camping gear to hire 
out. If you’d like to hire a shelter, 



have each offered to donate to The Green 
Gathering if you switch to their renewably 
sourced power provision - at no extra cost to you. Go Green! Cheers


   Love the planet, share the fuel, find 


We'd also like to bring to your attention this 
fantastic resource from STIR To Action mag:
Community Toolbox is just £2.95 from the STIR 
online shop; it's packed with ideas and 
blueprints for building community, growing local 
economies and sharing resources.


Spring Tickets £95
Children 0-10yrs FREE
Youth (11-15) £55
Young Adult (16-17) £75





Copyright © 2017 Optimistic Trout Productions All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
news at

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