Sweden Has Just Listed The Entire Country On Airbnb

Tony Gosling tony at cultureshop.org.uk
Sat May 27 23:36:05 BST 2017

Sweden Has Just Listed The Entire Country On Airbnb

Millington – Wednesday May 24th 2017 – 



 From a 
Eye capsule suspended 443 feet in the sky to a 
indoor forest, you may have seen some unique 
listings on 
over the years. Now, there’s an entire country up for grabs.

Sweden has 
its entire country into a listing on the holiday rental website.

A collaboration between Airbnb and 
Sweden, the listing is an effort to promote the 
country’s “freedom to roam” principle, or 
“allemansrätten,” which gives people the right to 
freely explore all public spaces across the country.

The idea, protected by Swedish law, is that 
people don’t need to book accomodation to visit 
the country ­ they can just grab a tent and 
freely access any of the publicly owned land. 
Private gardens and lands under cultivation are 
the only exceptions, although a “do not disturb, do not destroy” rule applies.

“It’s a home with all the necessities and 
amenities that any great home should have,” the 
listing reads. “It’s a place where you can eat 
berries from the ground, sleep under the stars, 
swim in the lakes and roam freely.”

There are a number of specific locations 
suggested on the site, including a 
Forest Retreat in Vintage Style” located in a 
“historic and mysterious forest in western 
Värmland” which “offers high quality accommodation and a memorable stay.”

“Go to bed with the midnight sky above your head 
and if you can’t fall asleep, try counting the 
stars. It usually helps!” the listing reads. “In 
the fall there are wild mushrooms that you’ll 
enjoy foraging – from August to November you’ll 
find a lot of delicious chanterelles on the ground.”

It adds that it is available 365 days a year, 
accomodates everyone, has unlimited beds, and check-in of “whenever.”

A statement from Airbnb said: “Every lake is your 
infinity pool, every mountaintop your granite 
terrace, every meadow becomes a garden and every 
forest a pantry filled with mushrooms and 
berries. Feel free to take a morning jog or bike 
ride across open fields or trek through 
challenging mountain terrain. Should you want an 
upgrade, you do not need to ask anyone, just find 
the best location that suits you and your mood.”
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