30 Nov MILAN Italy, action call - 200 acre squatted farm to be sold off by municipal authorities

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November 30
Presiding against the sale of wit
Public · Hosted by Mondeggi Good Commune

We call on all the supporters of Mondeggi a little effort ...

After 3 years of peasant farming, the 
metropolitan city and the municipality of Bagno a 
Ripoli continue to deny all forms of dialogue 
with citizens who have been recovering from a PD 
managed by a bank for over three years. Despite 
the recovery of almost 3/4 of the Mondeggi 
estate, despite the nearly 300 citizens 
participating in the project, despite the rumors 
being a national case and despite a regulation on 
common goods just approved by the same junta in 
Florence, these myopic administrators fail to see 
a different future with not just selling to the 
billionaire (or speculator?) in turn.

November 30 is the last day to present interest 
events to the metropolitan city and then issue a 
personalized sales call. We want to be there too 
to present our manifestation of interest. It is a 
weekday in a difficult time, we will not be all 
but we will be many and if you believe that the 
defense of peasant agriculture and a piece of 
sociality rebuilt on the Florentine hills it is 
important to go down the road and support the project.

In the afternoon theater performances with farmer 
theater, interventions and refreshment

To sell Villa Mondeggi after many failed attempts we now test the Metrocittà


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THE metrocittà opens the path for the alienation 
of the agricultural holdings extended over almost 
200 hectares and dotted with several farmhouses 
to Villa Mondeggi. Has a "notice for expression 
of interest for the purchase and enhancement of 
the company agricola Mondeggi Lappeggi, in the 
municipality of Bagno a Ripoli". The public 
notice started Thursday and will run until 30 
November 2017. "The goal is to explore the 
situation to figure out how to build the best 
future ban for sale," explains the councillor 
delegated to the heritage of the Metrocittà, 
Blessed Albanian. This is the first time that the 
Metrocittà try to sell the farm Mondeggi. But I 
had tried repeatedly and in vain the Province 
years ago. "But now," explains Albanese – the 
situation has changed. We were able to resolve 
the gradients in the course, we are concluding 
the procedure of liquidation of the agricultural 
society failed, and the assignment of its real 
estate assets in the Metropolitan City.

Now Metrocittà not want to make a call that the 
risks of go blank, but intends to build on the 
measure of those who might be interested in 
"buying in a single lot all the immovable 
property". Goods which he wants to assess "the 
potential profitability by verifying the 
proposals also economic". Keeping your hands free 
because the offers will not have to Metrocittà no 
binding value. However, the notice speaks of a 
single lot, but adds that "in view of the best 
placement on the market of the goods, is 
provided, alternatively also the possibility of 
expressing interest in the purchase or lease of 
one or more of the assets of the complex." And 
this will be one of the nodes. Asking the mayor 
of Bagno a Ripoli, Francesco Casini, "the seal is 
sold whole in order to preserve the crater rural 
and protect the integrity of an extraordinary 
landscape populated with forests, farmland, 
vineyards". Agree also Albanian, which declares 
that the Metrocittà will try to retain the said 
unit but not denying that it can even explore an 
alternative. Just yesterday Casini, participating 
in the Prefecture at the first meeting of the 
Committee of the metropolitan devoted to the 
problems of the territory that started with a 
discussion about the occupations to be abusive, 
the occupation of the farm Cuculia do Mondeggi, 
that goes on from 2014. "I have highlighted - 
says the mayor – the need to address this 
situation with greater awareness, considering, 
too, that the police of the area warned me of the 
presence in the farm house, occupied groups of antagonists."

 From South America, where payment must be made 
with subtlety, the Bormann organization has made 
a substantial contribution. It has drawn many of 
the brightest Jewish businessmen into a 
participatory role in the development of many of 
its corporations, and many of these Jews share 
their prosperity most generously with Israel. If 
their proposals are sound, they are even provided 
with a specially dispensed venture capital fund. 
I spoke with one Jewish businessmen in Hartford, 
Connecticut. He had arrived there quite unknown 
several years before our conversation, but with 
Bormann money as his leverage. Today he is more 
than a millionaire, a quiet leader in the 
community with a certain share of his profits 
earmarked as always for his venture capital 
benefactors. This has taken place in many other 
instances across America and demonstrates how 
Bormann’s people operate in the contemporary 
commercial world, in contrast to the fanciful 
nonsense with which Nazis are described in so much “literature.”

So much emphasis is placed on select Jewish 
participation in Bormann companies that when 
Adolf Eichmann was seized and taken to Tel Aviv 
to stand trial, it produced a shock wave in the 
Jewish and German communities of Buenos Aires. 
Jewish leaders informed the Israeli authorities 
in no uncertain terms that this must never happen 
again because a repetition would permanently 
rupture relations with the Germans of Latin 
America, as well as with the Bormann 
organization, and cut off the flow of Jewish 
money to Israel. It never happened again, and the 
pursuit of Bormann quieted down at the request of 
these Jewish leaders. He is residing in an 
Argentinian safe haven, protected by the most 
efficient German infrastructure in history as 
well as by all those whose prosperity depends on his well-being.
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