North Devon Council: Save The Round House In The Woods

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North Devon Council: Save The Round House In The Woods

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Petitioning North Devon District Council
Save The Round House In The Woods

Dinah Mason
Willand, United Kingdom
Kate and Alan have built a beautiful home on the land they own from materials gathered from the land. Their application for retrospective planning permission has been refused and they have been ordered to remove their dwelling and vacate the land by December 2017.
Kate suffers from multiple chemical sensitivity and since living in the round house her health has greatly improved, having to move back into conventional accommodation will be seriously detrimental to her health and well being. 
They are lobbying the council and anyone who will listen for the One Planet Development scheme that is currently used in Wales and the low impact policy that has just been introduced in Dartmoor national park to be rolled out nation wide. Currently there is no provision in England for true sustainable development of this nature and this needs to change.
A short film about their project made by James Light can be found here
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Save The Round House In The Woods
Kate and Alan will be live from the roundhouse on Monday morning on ITV's This Morning
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Reasons for Signing
Low impact dwellings on land owned by the individual should be welcomed with open arms by an overstretched council. Homes like this should be encouraged not blocked at every turn.

siddy langley, Plymtree, United Kingdom1 Mar 2017
The argument that "it's not in the public interest to have dwellings popping up all over the countryside" is blatant nonsense. 

Frankly most people prefer modern houses with heating and, petsonally, I'd prefer a scattering of such dwellings to the huge estates big business covers whole acres with.

Mary McCarthy, Gloucester, United Kingdom1 Mar 2017
This is natural. They own their land and have built their own home, I don't see the problem. Maybe if they weren't putting it all to good use I would feel differently but they aren't harming anyone in any way shape or form.

Sophie Edwards, Plymouth, United Kingdom1 Mar 2017

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