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The Mass Graves of Ireland

  Irishmen and Irishwomen!
Read this site and weep.  Weep for the agonies 
and deaths of your people at the hands of 
genocidists.  The authorities who imposed the 
curriculum, the teachers and professors who 
funneled it into you, have carefully kept you 
uninformed as to which British regiment, or that 
any regiment, murdered your people.  Until now, 
that information was kept from you. You had no 
access to it.  You do now - you read it on your 
computer screen!  Commit the regiment's name to memory.

Never, ever, forget it!
Learn its British HQ town.  As no Jewish person 
would ever refer to the "Jewish Oxygen Famine of 
1939 - 1945", so no Irish person ought ever refer 
to the Irish Holocaust as a famine.

Britain's Cover Up

Is Britain's cover-up of its 1845-1850 holocaust 
in Ireland the most successful Big Lie in all of history?

The cover-up is accomplished by the same British 
terrorism and bribery that perpetrated the 
genocide.  Consider: why does Irish President 
Mary Robinson call it "Ireland's greatest natural 
1 disaster" while she conceals the British army's 
role?  Potato blight, "phytophthora infestans", 
did spread from America to Europe in 1844, to 
England and then Ireland in 1845 but it didn't 
cause famine anywhere.  Ireland did not starve 
for potatoes; it starved for food.

Ireland starved because its food, from 40 to 70 
shiploads per day, was removed at gunpoint by 
12,000 British constables reinforced by the 
British militia, battleships, excise vessels, 
Coast Guard and by 200,000 British soldiers 
(100,000 at any given moment)  The attached map 
shows the never-before-published names and 
locations in Ireland of the food removal 
regiments (Disposition of the Army; Public Record 
Office, London; et al, of which we possess 
photocopies).  Thus, Britain seized from 
Ireland's producers tens of millions of head of 
livestock; tens of millions of tons of flour, 
grains, meat, poultry & dairy products; enough to sustain 18 million persons.

The Public Record Office recently informed us 
that their British regiments' Daily Activity 
Reports of 1845-1850 have "gone missing."  Those 
records include each regiment's cattle drives and 
grain-cart convoys it escorted at gun-point from 
the Irish districts assigned to it.  Also 
"missing" are the receipts issued by the British 
army commissariat officers in every Irish port 
tallying the cattle and tonnage of foodstuff 
removed; likewise the export lading manifests. 
Other records provide all-revealing glimpses of 
the "missing" data; such as: ...

The Food Removal

 From Cork harbor on one day in 1847 2 the AJAX 
steamed for England with 1,514 firkins of butter, 
102 casks of pork, 44 hogsheads of whiskey, 844 
sacks of oats, 247 sacks of wheat, 106 bales of 
bacon, 13 casks of hams, 145 casks of porter, 12 
sacks of fodder, 28 bales of feathers, 8 sacks of 
lard, 296 boxes of eggs, 30 head of cattle, 90 
pigs, 220 lambs, 34 calves and 69 miscellaneous 
packages. On November 14, 1848 3, sailed, from 
Cork harbor alone: 147 bales of bacon, 120 casks 
and 135 barrels of pork, 5 casks of hams, 149 
casks of miscellaneous provisions (foodstuff); 
1,996 sacks & 950 barrels of oats; 300 bags of 
flour; 300 head of cattle; 239 sheep; 9,398 
firkins of butter; 542 boxes of eggs. On July 28, 
1848 4; a typical day's food shipments from only 
the following four ports: from Limerick: the ANN, 
CLINTON for Liverpool; and the CITY OF LIMERICK, 
This one-day removal of Limerick's food was of 
863 firkins of butter; 212 firkins, 1,198 casks 
and 200 kegs of lard, 87 casks of ham; 267 bales 
of bacon; 52 barrels of pork; 45 tons and 628 
barrels of flour; 4,975 barrels of oats and 1,000 
barrels of barley. From Kilrush: the ELLEN for 
for London. This one-day removal was of 550 tons 
of County Clare's oats and 15 tons of its barley. 
 From Tralee: the JOHN ST. BARBE, CLAUDIA and 
QUEEN for London; the SPOKESMAN for Liverpool. 
This one-day removal was of 711 tons of Kerry's 
oats and 118 tons of its barley. From Galway: the 
MARY, VICTORIA, and DILIGENCE for London; the 
SWAN and UNION for Limerick (probably for 
transshipment to England). This one-day removal 
was of 60 sacks of Co. Galway's flour; 30 sacks 
and 292 tons of its oatmeal; 294 tons of its 
oats; and 140 tons of its miscellaneous 
provisions (foodstuffs). British soldiers 
forcibly removed it from its starving Limerick, 
Clare, Kerry and Galway producers.

In Belmullet, Co. Mayo the mission of 151 
soldiers 5 of the 49th Regiment, in addition to 
escorting livestock and crops to the port for 
export, was to guard a few tons of stored meal 
from the hands of the starving; its population 
falling from 237 to 105 between 1841 and 1851. 
Belmullet also lost its source of fish in 
January, 1849, when Britain's Coast Guard 
arrested its fleet of enterprising fishermen ten 
miles at sea in the act of off-loading flour from 
a passing ship. They were sentenced to prison and 
their currachs were confiscated.

The Waterford Harbor British army commissariat 
officer wrote to British Treasury Chief Charles 
Trevelyan on April 24, 1846; "The barges leave 
Clonmel once a week for this place, with the 
export supplies under convoy which, last Tuesday, 
consisted of 2 guns, 50 cavalry, and 80 infantry 
escorting them on the banks of the Suir as far as 
Carrick." While its people starved, the Clonmel 
district exported annually, along with its other 
farm produce, approximately 60,000 pigs in the form of cured pork....

Voices in the Wilderness

There were many "Voices in the Wilderness" 
risking all to stop the genocide. For example; 
Wexford-born Jane Wilde, mother of Oscar and 
poetess, wrote under the nom de plume "Speranza," 
in the United Irishman newspaper the following 
(verses 1 and 6 printed here) during the depths 
of 1847 re the British genocidists and the innocents they were exterminating:

Weary men, what reap ye? "Golden corn for the Stranger."
What sow ye? "Human corpses that await for the Avenger."
Fainting forms, all hunger-stricken, what see you in the offing?
"Stately ships to bear our food away amid the stranger's scoffing."
There's a proud array of soldiers what do they round your door?
"They guard our masters' granaries from the thin hands of the poor."
Pale mothers, wherefore weeping? "Would to God that we were dead"
Our children swoon before us, and we cannot give them bread!"

"We are wretches, famished, scorned, human tools to build your pride,
But God will yet take vengeance for the souls for whom Christ died.
Now is your hour of pleasure, bask ye in the world's caress;
But our whitening bones against ye will arise as witnesses,
 From the cabins and the ditches, in their charred, uncoffined masses,
For the Angel of the Trumpet will know them as he passes.
A ghastly, spectral army before God we'll stand
And arraign ye as our murderers, O spoilers of our land!"

Mrs. Wilde evidently knew that British arms 
controlled every field of Ireland. Small 
detachments resided as far away as 40 miles from 
their garrisons shown on the map. The absence of 
army garrisons in Co. Derry, etc., indicates that 
its royalist militia adequately reinforced its 
constabulary. Bayonets, cannons, rifles, the 
lash, eviction and the gallows were freely used 
to seize Irish food (on the pretext that it was 
"the property" of some English 
"owner"-by-robbery; nearly all of whom were 
absentees). But Wilde couldn't have known each 
regiment's identity. We discovered them in the 
Public Record Office, Kew Gardens, London in 1983 
while researching material for my paternal 
grandfather's biography. It was just as available 
to Irish government-subsidized authors and 
academicians. Their Big Lie campaign is shocking. 
Perhaps this brochure will encourage them to 
finally tell the truth; that Britain perpetrated a Holocaust in Ireland. ...

Official British Intent

Official British intent at the time is revealed 
by its actions and enactments. When the European 
potato crop failed in 1844 and food prices rose, 
Britain ordered regiments to Ireland. When blight 
hit the 1845 English potato crop its food removal 
regiments were already in Ireland; ready to 
start. The Times editorial of September 30, 1845, 
warned; "In England the two main meals of a 
working man's day now consists of potatoes." 
England's potato-dependence was excessive; 
reckless. Grossly over-populated relative to its 
food supply, England faced famine unless it could 
import vast amounts of alternative food. But it 
didn't grab merely Ireland's surplus food; or 
enough Irish food to save England. It took more; 
for profit and to exterminate the people of 
Ireland. Queen Victoria's economist, Nassau 
Senior, expressed his fear that existing policies 
"will not kill more than one million Irish in 
1848 and that will scarcely be enough to do much 
good."6 When an eye-witness urged a stop to the 
genocide-in-progress, Trevelyan replied: "We must 
not complain of what we really want to obtain."7 
Trevelyan insisted that all reports of starvation 
were exaggerated, until 1847. He then declared it 
ended and refused entry to the American food 
relief ship Sorciére. Thomas Carlyle; influential 
British essayist, wrote; "Ireland is like a 
half-starved rat that crosses the path of an 
elephant. What must the elephant do? Squelch it - 
by heavens - squelch it." "Total Annihilation;" 
suggested The Times leader of September 2, 1846; 
and in 1848 its editorialists crowed "A Celt will 
soon be as rare on the banks of the Shannon as 
the red man on the banks of Manhattan." The 
immortal Society of Friends, the "Quakers," did 
all in their power to save lives. But in 1847 
they despaired and quit, upon learning that the 
Crown planned to perpetuate the genocide's 
pretext; the British claim of "ownership" of 
Irish land. Quakers refused to facilitate the 
genocide by pretending (as Concern does re 
African genocides) it was an act of nature. In 
the 1870s; too late; British laws were enacted 
allowing the Irish to buy back the land of which 
Britain had robbed them. Twice-yearly payments 
were extracted from Ireland's farmers until that 
"debt" was paid off in the 1970s. Ireland's diet, 
since pre-history, has been meat, dairy products, 
grains, fruit and vegetables; latterly 
supplemented by potatoes. Central to its ancient 
legends are its livestock, reaping hooks, 
flails,8 querns, and grain-kilns and -mills. The 
many Connacht grain-kilns and 
-<>mills shown 
on the Irish Ordnance Survey Map of 1837-1841 
operated continually prior to, during the 
Starvation, and subsequent to it until the 1940s 
when I observed them still working. Local farmers 
dried and milled their grain - not potatoes - in 
them, and this oatmeal and flour were seized and 
exported by British forces. The "potato famine" 
Big Lie was underway and already denounced by 
John Mitchel in his United Irishman in 1847 (he 
was soon sent in chains to a Tasmanian death 
camp; but escaped). Fifty years later G.B. Shaw 
wrote in Man and Superman: "Malone: 'My father 
died of starvation in Ireland in the Black '47. 
Maybe you've heard of it?' Violet: 'The Famine?' 
Malone: (with smoldering passion) 'No, the 
Starvation. When a country is full of food and 
exporting it, there can be no Famine."' But he 
kept mum on the British army's role; Ireland's 
whole-truth-tellers don't receive Nobels. To 
date, the Big Lie prevails. It started in 1846 
when, while the British government genocidally 
stripped Ireland of its abundant foodstuffs, 
internationally it was begging help for the 
"starving Irish." John Mitchel remonstrated; 
"Many will, perhaps, be surprised to learn 
neither Ireland, nor anybody in Ireland ever 
asked alms or favors of any kind, either from 
England or from any other nation or people. On 
the contrary, it was England herself that begged 
for us, asking a penny, for the love of God, to 
relieve the poor Irish. And further, constituting 
herself the almoner and agent of all that 
charity, she, England, took all the profit of 
it." Mitchel again; 'Thus any man who had a 
house, no matter how wretched, was to pay the new 
tax; and every man was bound to have a house; for 
if found out of doors after sunset; and convicted 
of that offence, he was to be transported for 
fifteen years, or imprisoned for three - the 
court to have the discretion of adding hard labor 
or solitary confinement. This law would drive the 
survivors of ejected people (those who did not 
die of hunger) into the poorhouses or to America; 
because, being bound to be at home after sunset, 
and having neither house nor home, they would be 
all in the absolute power of the police, and in 
continual peril of transportation to the colonies 
(Australian slave labor camps). By another act of 
parliament the police force was increased, and 
taken more immediately into the service of the 
Crown; the Irish counties were in part relieved 
from their pay; and they became, in all senses, a 
portion of the regular army. They amounted to 
twelve thousand chosen men, well armed and 
drilled. The police were always at the command of 
sheriffs for executing ejectments; and if they 
were not in sufficient force, troops of the line 
could be had from the nearest garrison. No wonder 
that the London Times, within less than three 
years after, was enabled to say; 'Law has ridden 
roughshod through Ireland, it has been taught 
with bayonet, and interpreted with ruin. 
Townships levelled with the ground, straggling 
columns of exiles, workhouses multiplied, and 
still crowded, express the determination of the 
legislature to remove Ireland from its slovenly 
old barbarism, and to plant the institutions of 
this more civilized land' (meaning England!)" 
Mitchel also wrote; "Steadily, but surely, the 
'Government' was working out its calculation; and 
the produce anticipated by 'political circles' 
was likely to come out about September (of 1847), 
in round numbers - two millions of Irish corpses." 9 ...

Toll of Holocaust

Toll of Irish Holocaust. The 1841 census of 
Ireland revealed a population of 10,897,449. This 
figure includes the correction factor established 
by that year's official partial recount. When, 
between 1779 and 1841, the U.S. population 
increased by 640 percent, and England's is 
estimated to have increased, despite massive 
emigration to its colonies, by 100 percent, it is 
generally accepted that Ireland's population 
increase was 172% 10. The average annual 
component of this 172% increase is x in the 
formula (1+ x)62 = 1 + 172%; thus 0.0163, or 
1.63%. Accepting that this 1.63% rate of annual 
population increase continued until mid-1846 (one 
human gestation after the late-1845 beginning of 
removal of Ireland's food), the 1846 population was 11,815,011.
Assuming that rate continued, the population in 
1851, absent the starvation, would have been 
approximately 12,809,841. However; the 1851 
census recorded a population of 6,552,385; thus 
there was a "disappearance" of 6,257,456. This 
population-loss figure of 6,257,456 is scarcely 
susceptible to significant challenge, being 
derived directly from the British government's 
own censuses for Ireland. It is reasonable to 
assume that the rigor established in the recount 
of 1841 became the standard for the 1851 census; 
so that any residual undercount would be 
systemic, affecting 1841 and 1851 proportionately 
(and, if known, would increase the murder total). 
These 6,257,456 include roughly 1,000,000 who 
successfully fled into exile and another 100,000 
unborn between 1846 and 1851 due to 
malnutrition-induced infertility. Of the 100,000 
who fled to Canada in 1847, only 60,000 were 
still alive one month after landing.11 Among the 
40,000 dead was Henry Ford's father's mother who 
died en route from Cork or in quarantine on Quebec's Grosse Ile.
Thus; though from 1845 through 1850, 6,257,456 
"disappeared," the number murdered is 
approximately 1.1 million fewer; i.e., 5.16 
millions. Consequently; if Britain's census 
figures for Ireland are correct the British 
government murdered approximately 5.16 million 
Irish men, women and children; making it the 
Irish Holocaust. This number, 5.16 million, 
exceeds the high end of the range (4.2 to 5.1 
million) of serious estimates of the number of 
Jews murdered by Nazis. The least reliable 
component of the foregoing arithmetic is the 
number assumed to have successfully fled. If the 
fleers who survived prove to number, say, 900,000 
instead of 1,000,000, the murder count will have 
to be corrected from 5.16 to 5.26 millions. This 
amount of adjustment, up or down, of the 5.16 
millions murdered is determinable by sensitive 
review of the immigration records of the U.S., 
Canada, Argentina, and Australia; and of 
government records on the Irish who fled to 
Britain at the time. We invite bona fide 
documentation of the foregoing; whether in 
confirmation or rebuttal. Economists and 
historians are disqualified if their published 
work on the events of 1845-1850 covers up the 
British army's central role therein. Such 
individuals lack the standing to participate in this truth-quest.

To our knowledge nobody else has ever published 
the above arithmetic or named the food removal 
regiments and battleships. Evidence that other 
truth-telling accounts exist would be greatly 
appreciated. Irish academia shuns and slurs Tom 
Gallagher's Paddy's Lament and Englishwoman Cecil 
Woodham-Smith's The Great Hunger for mentioning 
the Food Removal. Woodham-Smith fudged, but not 
enough to satisfy the cover-up cabal. For 
example; she reported that the 1841 partial 
recount established a correction factor of 
one-third for the 1841 census figure; but she 
used the uncorrected figure to calculate! By this 
and other fudges she arrived at a population-loss 
of only 2.5 million. She allocated only half a 
page to the core facts of the Genocide; the food 
removal data, while using some two hundred pages 
to describe British government "relief measures" 
as if they were something other than cosmetic 
exercises; a cover-up. But just as Telefis 
Eireann out-Britished Yorkshire TV by refusing to 
co-premiere the latter's 1993 exposé of the 
5/17/74 British bombings of Dublin/Monaghan 
streets that murdered 33 and maimed 253; and as 
the Irish police menace the survivors of that 
bombing instead of arresting the known British 
perpetrators; so do Irish historians out-British 
Woodham-Smith by ostracizing her for exposing the 
Food Removal. They out-do themselves in 
describing the "benefit" of the Irish Holocaust; 
how Britain reduced poverty in Ireland ( by 
murdering those it had impoverished! They promote 
the notion that only the blighted potato crop 
belonged to the Irish while Ireland's abundant 
livestock, grains, etc., all "belonged" to mostly 
absentee English landlords. By that insane 
standard all of the property and production of 
Europe and Asia, excepting starvation rations for 
workers, would belong to W.W.II GIs and their 
heirs (or to the Axis had it won).

Irish are not guilty. Though many Holocaust 
Irish, like many, say, Auschwitz Jews, took 
deadly advantage of their own weakest, neither 
the Irish nor Jewish communities had hand or part 
in the conceiving and planning of the genocides 
from London and Berlin; respectively. But, the 
German government repented and paid $100 billion 
(dollars) reparations to Jews while the British 
government and its Dublin surrogates still use 
terror and slander against those who commemorate 
the Irish Holocaust. It is still dangerous - 
after 150 years - to reveal the truth of it. ...


Complicity of the Catholic Hierarchy with 
London's planned genocide is, sad to say, well 
recorded. London, prior to removing Ireland's 
food, appointed a few Irish Catholic Bishops to a 
Dublin Castle commission and awarded a £30,000 
lump sum to Maynooth while increasing its annual 
grant from £9,000 to £26,000!12 Before British 
troops began starving Ireland the London 
parliament enacted a law to return some of the 
seized foods in the form of rations to all of 
Ireland's Catholic hierarchy down to the level 
of, but not including, curates. Faced with 
residual hierarchical disquiet, M.P.s amended the 
law to include curates. This ended episcopal 
objections to the Irish Holocaust; it proceeded 
efficiently thenceforth. An Irish poet 
subsequently wrote; "...for the spire of the 
chapel of Maynooth is the dagger at Ireland's 
heart." A Munster bishop thanked God that he 
"lives in a country where a farmer would starve 
his own children to pay his landlord's rent"! For 
two centuries until 1795, priests in Ireland were 
felons a priori. The government paid a 5 shilling 
bounty for each severed head. In 1795, British 
ministers decided that to completely subjugate 
Ireland the collaboration of the Catholic Church 
was indispensable. Britain thus stopped murdering 
priests and founded and funded Ireland's national 
seminary; Maynooth. The tactic worked; the Irish 
Catholic Church became London's tool. 13 It 
facilitated the Irish Holocaust; it sided with 
Britain in the Risings of 1798, 1848, 1867 and 
1916, destroyed Parnellite democracy in 1890 
(traumatizing James Joyce) 14 and it has 
facilitated Britain's vestigial genocide in the 
Six Counties since 1922. Cardinal Daly recently 
went so far as to "beg England's forgiveness for 
the centuries of suffering inflicted upon it by 
the Irish!" Yet; isn't Catholicism as gloriously 
redeemed by its persecuted Fr. Wilsons and Sr. 
Sarah Clarkes of today as by its earlier millions 
of saints martyred by Elizabeth I, Cromwell, 
Anne, George III, Victoria, et al?

Irish Starvation Martyrs. Honorable Irish people 
everywhere are commemorating Ireland's Holocaust 
of 1845-1850 by learning the truth of it. Thus, 
only dupes of British propaganda still refer to 
"The Irish Famine," as nobody died of lack of 
potatoes; but over five million Irish Catholics 
died of starvation or of malnutrition-induced 
disease when British troops removed their meats, 
grains, dairy products, etc. Britain could have 
removed food enough to sustain 13 million (but 
not 18 million) without starving Ireland.  No 
Protestant starved in Ireland 15 Britain didn't target them.

The Truth Outs as we, the descendants of the 
survivors of that starvation will no longer be 
silenced. We denounce Ireland's Strokestown 
"Famine Museum," for its shameless "bait and 
switch" scam. Visitors seeking details of one of 
history's worst genocides are subtly invited to 
admire the genocidal landlord's grandiose taste 
in architecture and furnishings; all looted from 
the unpaid labor and land of the Irish families 
he murdered. It is highly unlikely that a Jew 
exists so depraved as to establish a Jewish 
Holocaust museum that similarly invites the 
visitor to slur the victims and admire, say, 
Goering's taste in looted Jewish property. How 
dare President Robinson say "the famine shames 
the Irish"? It is her cover-up that shames the 
Irish! As Holocaust guilt is Nazis', not the 
victims', so the guilt for 1845-1850 is the 
British perpetrators' and the above cover-up 
artists'; not ours and not their murdered 
victims'. Irish-America must tell the truth of it 
because in Ireland it is still too dangerous. The 
Irish government has announced that in June, 1997 
it will end the "Irish Famine commemoration" in a 
"wake cum musical celebration to bury the ghost 
of the famine." Thus; the Irish government 
advertises its quisling status by ending the 
commemoration prior to the anniversaries of the 
murders of more than half of the 5.2 millions. 
What else can one expect from the government 
whose Consuls spoke in Illinois' State 
Legislature in opposition to the McBride 
Principles for Fair Employment in Northern 
Ireland? They pose as anti-terrorists while 
collaborating with the British terrorists who, 
since 1969, have murdered over six times16 as 
many noncombatants as have the IRA. An Irish 
bureaucrat recently joined our campaign to get 
the Irish Holocaust graves monumented, fenced and 
consecrated. He tells us that he will be fired or 
worse if his superiors learn of his involvement. 
He echoes another Irishman who, two centuries 
ago, observed; "Having a natural reverence for 
the dignity and antiquity of my native country, 
strengthened by education, and confirmed by an 
intimate knowledge of its history, I could not, 
without the greatest pain and indignation, behold 
... the extreme passiveness and insensibility of 
the present race of Irish, at such reiterated 
insults offered to truth and their country: 
instances of inattention to their own honor, 
unexampled in any other civilized nation." 17

Dishonored Martyrs; their Mass Graves. The 
discovery of mass graves resulting from genocide 
always causes international outcry. But the mass 
graves of the Irish genocide are unmarked and 
unmourned by the world at large. Why? Because the 
Truth was interred in those pits along with the 
martyrs. The bones of the murdered 5.2 million 
are scattered across Ireland, the Atlantic 
sea-floor and North American littorals; but they 
are concentrated in mass graves the 
permanently-abandoned state of which eloquently 
reveals the genocidists' power. It was also mass 
martyrdom; as the victims could have saved their 
lives by renouncing their Faith. Food crops that 
civil law had forced them to tithe (before 
soldiers took the rest) to the local English 
State Church parson was on offer to whoever would 
renounce Catholicism and become Anglican. But 
they died for Faith and Freedom, and their mass 
graves are Ireland's holiest places (excepting, 
perhaps, the graves of those who died resisting). 
Yet, the souls of these murdered millions still 
cry to us for justice. After 150 years their 
murders remain misattributed and the mass graves 
containing their sacred remains are still 
unfenced, unmarked and even unconsecrated. It is 
not the Irish people who are such brutes. The 
condition of the mass graves reveals the brutal 
extent of English control of Ireland today; how 
unfree Ireland actually is. But America is free; 
Britain's MI6 can slur us but cannot murder us 
with the impunity they do in Dublin, Monaghan, 
the Occupied Six Counties, and as did British 
guards who entered the Maghaberry prison cell of 
Irishman Jim McDonnell on 3/30/96 and kicked him 
to death for asking to go to his father's 
funeral. British terrorists, however, are 
operating in the U.S. In Valhalla's Wake, authors 
McIntyre & Loftus report that, according to CIA 
sources, an MI6/SAS team of assassins murdered an 
American, John McIntyre, in Boston a decade ago. 
Five US citizens have been murdered by British 
terrorists in Ireland; none by the Irish. A 
law-abiding FBI agent alerted us a few years ago 
that some of his fellow agents; British-bribed; 
were planning MI6-type "dirty-tricks" crimes 
against us and that he was powerless to arrest 
them. Soon thereafter, FBI gangs, led by agent 
Edward P. Buckley, conducted five armed raids 
upon us, incarcerated me and my wife and two 
others, and fabricated evidentiary tape and 
committed perjury in an attempt to imprison us. 
18 The FBI also framed me for the murder of Mr. 
and Mrs. Langert in Winnetka; but the actual 
murderer, David Biro, saved my life by confiding 
his crimes to school friends who informed the 
police. Biro, a 16-year-old, got life without 
parole. I would have gotten lethal injection. I 
knew nobody involved; had never heard of them in 
my entire life until the reports of the murders. 
Our attorneys photocopied the signed, 
FBI-fabricated police report that framed me. 
FBI/IRS crimes against us started shortly after 
we began exposing Britain's Big Lie re Ireland. 
American democracy is, we sense, less violated by 
these FBI/IRS crimes than by the fact that law 
enforcement, pols and the news media have all, 
British-style, knowingly covered them up and that 
the legal profession is cowed. The FBI criminals' 
British handlers tried to "take us out" to stop 
our support for basic rights in Ireland. The FBI 
later fabricated a malicious "immunity 
certificate" for me and my wife (making us appear 
to be FBI collaborators) and leaked it to an FBI asset for publication. 19 ...

What We Must Do

What We Must Do.
Let us now; finally; come what may; summon our 
integrity to accomplish four Irish Holocaust goals; as follows:

1) Educate: Photocopy this and distribute it 
among your relatives, friends and acquaintances. 
Discuss it with them. Challenge Robinson-type 
"famine" lecturers who don't identify the 
perpetrating regiments. Click here to download a 
version of this brochure, a 
printable version from the web site.

2) Help get the Irish Genocide Taught in Public 
Schools as Slavery and Nazi Holocaust are now. 
Get your State Rep and Senator to support an Irish Genocide Education Bill.

3) Canonization of the Starvation Martyrs: 
Contact Hibernians (fax 407/254-2255) or us for canonization petition forms.

4) Help to install a fence and monuments 
memorializing the Starvation Martyrs of the mass 
grave nearest your ancestral homeplaces

Volunteers From Each Mass Grave District will 
organize an architectural competition to design 
its memorial. They will research its old 
work-house records, etc., to collect data on the 
Martyrs. The overall design of each mass grave 
memorialization will be decided by the district 
committee and its architect. Ideally it will 
include a fence, walks, benches and a soaring 
monument with a prie-dieu facing it. It will 
include, as gaeilge, each Martyr's name, age, 
townland, date of death, etc., to the extent 
possible. It will name the regiment(s), its 
British home-base town, and the quantity of 
livestock and tonnage of each kind of foodstuff 
it removed from that mass grave's district. Where 
appropriate it will memorialize the righteous 
Quakers, Choctaws, DeKay, the Martins, et al.

Ireland's Personifications of Truth. Dates of 
each mass-grave consecration/inauguration will be 
publicized well in advance to allow overseas 
visitors to attend. The consecrations shall be 
performed by Ireland's living Saints; by such 
personifications of Truth as Frs. Desmond Wilson, 
Píaras O Dúill, Pat Ryan, Joseph McVeigh, Maurice 
Burke, Ray Murray, Sister Sarah Clarke, the Rev. 
Dr. Brian Murphy, the Presbyterian Rev. Dr. 
Terence McCaughey and Anglican Bishop Austin 
Baker. Local organizers will consider inviting 
mayors of the corresponding regimental 
headquarters towns to their memorial 
consecration/inauguration in a spirit of 
forgiveness and reconciliation. For example; 
South Galway organizers could invite the mayor of 
Taunton, Somerset, the home base of the regiment 
(<>see map) that 
starved it; the then 40th "Duke of Somerset's 
Own" Regiment of Foot. If, by the inauguration 
dates, the British government has ended its Irish 
genocide's final vestige in the Six Counties, has 
released all Irish political prisoners and 
repents publicly of its centuries of genocide and 
torture in Ireland it would make national 
forgiveness possible, and English Cabinet ministers could be invited.

Then, at each mass-grave 
consecration/inauguration and on behalf of its 
Martyred Dead and of all of us the Fr. Wilsons of 
Ireland will Forgive the English people; 
Unreservedly. At the sides of those mass graves 
we will, all of us, in the name of those Irish 
Martyrs, vow to do all in our power to stop any 
government from ever again inflicting artificial 
famine. Likewise at those grave-sides we will vow 
to thenceforth respond to true famines and 
unstoppable artificial ones by uniting to 
promptly buy foodstuff and ship it to where 
needed. Those martyred souls whose unheeded cries 
for justice have haunted the virtuous Irish 
psyche for the past 150 years will be finally 
vindicated and canonized. Their sacrifices will 
redeem the Irish people who will break London's 
control of Ireland's government, academia, news 
media and Catholic hierarchy. Then, 
Forthrightness, that admirable quality that 
characterizes all free peoples will, after 
centuries, blossom fully again in Ireland. For 
the next millennium we Irish families of the 
Diaspora will return to kneel at the mass graves 
of Ireland's Starvation Martyrs. We will there 
renew our commitments to feed the hungry. Through 
prayerful contemplation of the Martyrs' sacrifice 
the Irish will finally become whole.

Let us create truth-telling, reverent memorials 
at each of the 170 mass graves of Ireland's 
Holocaust. The list of $160 pledges grows. 
Artists and curators from each Irish-American 
population center are needed to help select 
monument designs. E-mail 
<mailto:fogartyc at>fogartyc at or 
write to: Irish Holocaust Graves - USA; 900 No. 
Lake Shore Dr., #1507; Chicago, IL 60611 Tel. 
312/664-7651; Fax 312/664-3401 2/1/95. Reaugmented 7May97.

© 1995 Fogarty
At least 950,000 copies of this are now in 
circulation. This website, in pamphlet form, has 
been adopted as history course material in scores 
of universities, colleges and high schools. Right 
to photocopy this work is hereby granted but only 
in its entirety, with no change(s), and only for 
gratis distribution for educational purposes. The 
attached letter from the James Larkin Association 
is not included in my copyright.

The following postscript added in 1997:
Truth Arises. The Brit/Irish government is 
intensifying its cover-up efforts. The British 
Consulate's p.r. specialist Gaynor demanded that 
we cease distribution outside Chicago's Old St. 
Patrick church, saying; "How dare you? Your 
pamphlets are contradicting my Irish Potato 
Famine display inside!" Her Irish Holocaust 
Cover-up tour of the US was fronted in Chicago by 
the Irish Consul, the AOH, Catholic priests, et 
al. To co-opt our bill to mandate Irish Holocaust 
awareness in Illinois schools Irish Consul 
General Sheridan is promoting a parallel "Potato 
Famine" one. Irish Teachta Dala (M.P.) Avril 
Doyle recently promoted that "famine" lie across 
the U.S., including at Notre Dame U. The 
Brit/Irish government got massive space for her 
on National Public Radio, Irish-American radio, 
and mainstream and Irish-American newspapers. All 
news outlets who disseminated her untruths ban 
this pamphlet's truths. Shades of 1847 of which 
Mitchel wrote in p. 229 of his History of 
Ireland; "But there was a secret and underground 
machinery. The editor of the World (newspaper) 
was now on full pay; and on terms of close 
intimacy at the Castle and Viceregal Lodge." 
However; other truth-tellers exist. See attached 
copy of letter in Saoirse that reveals what 
awaited the Holocaust Irish in Liverpool.

The Workhouses operated as diabolical factories. 
The sign out front might as well have read "Queen 
Victoria's Title Guarantee Co." They produced 
clear titles to Irish land for English landlords, 
as follows; the starving Irish (raw material) 
entered the workhouse as claimants to the lands 
of their ancestors and to land they improved. As 
a condition of entry they had to sign away their 
claim to all of it but a quarter-acre. Once this 
was done the starvelings became the "factory's" 
waste product; and were moved nearer to the Dying 
Room as they weakened. In the Castlerea 
workhouse, and presumably in many or most others, 
the Dying Rooms were located at the back end of 
the workhouse on the upper floor adjacent to a 
wall opening where, when the deed was done, the 
corpse was pushed through the opening and slid 
down a chute into a mass grave outside the 
building. Thus, landlords' titles were guaranteed 
and the waste product was disposed of 
efficiently. Most of the mass graves located on 
the map are those dumps; unchanged from 150 years 
ago except for the overgrowth of grass and weeds. 
Not one of the 170 of them has a marker that 
identifies the regiment that removed its district's foodstuffs. FIN

    * President Robinson's preface in the Strokestown "'Famine' Museum" book.
    * Paddy's Lament; by Thomas Gallagher; p. 149.
    * Ireland; A History; by Robert Kee; p. 100.
    * Limerick Intelligencer; July 29, 1848.
    * Where the Sun Sets; by Fr. Seán Noone; ps. 14, 76, 103.
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p. 373 (cap. xvii; sect. 3; pp. 1; penult. sentence).
    * Ibid.; p. 369.
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91 (Folk Tradition; distribution of flail types).
    * History of Ireland; by John Mitchel; p. 204
    * The Great Hunger; by Cecil Woodham-Smith; 
ps. 24 and 409; also "Information Please" Almanac; p. 796
    * Ibid; p. 234. (final pp. of cap. XI). Other 
works show the mortality rate far exceeded 40%.
    * The Making of Modern Ireland; by J.C. Beckett; p. 329.
    * A Wounded Church; by Fr. Joseph McVeigh.
    * James Joyce; by R. Ellman; ps. 16, 19, 24, 
31-4, 40-1, 55-6, 153-4, 161, 266, 303, 331, 347, 349, 547, 761, 784.
    * Chicago Sun-Times Magazine; 2/23/86 (a 
British government press release).
    * An Index of Deaths from the Conflict In 
Ireland; 1969-1993 by Malcolm Sutton. Confirmed by other works.
    * An introduction to the Study of the History 
and Antiquities of Ireland; Sylv. O'Halloran; Dublin; 1772.
    * Final Motion of US Case No. 91 CR 911; 
Chicago. The case records prove FBI crimes. We possess copies.
    * Lumpen Times magazine ; June '93, August 
'93, July '96, and August, 1996. The Irish Echo refused to run it.

Sister Jean Marie

Sister Jean Marie of Haringuey, London, informed 
us of the two mass graves on Achill Island and of 
a religious service conducted at a 
recently-discovered Irish Holocaust mass grave in 
Islington, London. She also writes: "The Coast 
Guard also prevented fishermen from fishing. 
Confiscated their currachs and nets! The landlord 
of the Falcarragh area of Donegal used to send 
his agent out to the islands, even during storms, 
at the risk of the agents life, to ensure that 
the islanders were not eating any of the rabbits 
that abounded there. This is recorded in writing 
by a Tory Islander and has appeared in the book; Toraigh na dTonn."

"An t-Athair Peadar 0 Laoire (Fr. Peter O'Leary) 
recorded in his autobiography that the landlord 
used to come into the 0 Laoire house to examine 
the cooking pots on the fire. Once he took Peadar 
himself, the baby of the family, to question him 
whether he had ever eaten meat. Peadar said he 
remembered having eaten a piece of meat 'a long 
time ago;' just once. The family resumed 
breathing - they were saved. This is related in 
P. 0 Laoire's book; "Mo Sceal Fein." (22Aprl997)
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 From South America, where payment must be made with subtlety, the 
Bormann organization has made a substantial contribution. It has 
drawn many of the brightest Jewish businessmen into a participatory 
role in the development of many of its corporations, and many of 
these Jews share their prosperity most generously with Israel. If 
their proposals are sound, they are even provided with a specially 
dispensed venture capital fund. I spoke with one Jewish businessmen 
in Hartford, Connecticut. He had arrived there quite unknown several 
years before our conversation, but with Bormann money as his 
leverage. Today he is more than a millionaire, a quiet leader in the 
community with a certain share of his profits earmarked as always for 
his venture capital benefactors. This has taken place in many other 
instances across America and demonstrates how Bormann's people 
operate in the contemporary commercial world, in contrast to the 
fanciful nonsense with which Nazis are described in so much "literature."

So much emphasis is placed on select Jewish participation in Bormann 
companies that when Adolf Eichmann was seized and taken to Tel Aviv 
to stand trial, it produced a shock wave in the Jewish and German 
communities of Buenos Aires. Jewish leaders informed the Israeli 
authorities in no uncertain terms that this must never happen again 
because a repetition would permanently rupture relations with the 
Germans of Latin America, as well as with the Bormann organization, 
and cut off the flow of Jewish money to Israel. It never happened 
again, and the pursuit of Bormann quieted down at the request of 
these Jewish leaders. He is residing in an Argentinian safe haven, 
protected by the most efficient German infrastructure in history as 
well as by all those whose prosperity depends on his well-being.
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