Six million dead? Eire govt ignore 200+ mass graves of 1840s Irish holocaust

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Six million dead? Eire govt ignore 200+ mass graves of 1840s Irish holocaust
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Subtitle: Synthesis of an organic chemical like the supposed Novichok 
is not very difficult
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Dr Busby says a few words about the Russian Nerve Agent issue. He 
speaks as an expert in this area. Chris worked for several years at 
the famous Burroughs Wellcome Research laboratories in Beckenham, 
London as a Senior Scientist in the Department of Physical Chemistry. 
His job, at the basic level, was to help determine the structure and 
origin of pharmaceutical compounds. So, he is an expert in this area. 
He also carried out similar work at Queen Mary College London for his 
first PhD and synthesised complex organic chemicals. From that, he 
relates that the synthesis of a specific small organic chemical like 
the supposed Novichoks is not very difficult. Most synthetic organic 
chemists could knock up small quantities of the 234 compound, given 
the structure. Mainly, there is no way that the compound that was 
detected in the Skripal attack could be traced to a Russian 
laboratory (or any laboratory) by any lab unless the lab already had 
a sample known to come from the Russian laboratory (or the source 
laboratory). The determination and identification methods mainly 
depend on mass spectrometric fragmentation patterns, and include the 
spectrum of stray molecular fragments from impurities associated with 
the synthesis route. This is how Wellcome located Patent jumping, and 
took this evidence ( from Busby and colleagues) into the courts. All 
chemists know this, and that is why the Porton Down head Gary 
Aitkenhead said what he said, as any chemist would have been able to 
raise this issue and show that he was lying, if he said anything 
else. It is basic physical chemistry. So, the new headline in the 
Times, about a secret Russian laboratory is also bogus. What is also 
clear is that the mass spectrum of the A234 compound was put on the 
NIST database in 1998 by a worker from the USA chemical warfare 
laboratory. Chris therefore concludes that this whole affair is a 
tissue of lies and misdirection, rather like the WMD Iraq scenario 
and is aimed at creating a war with Russia that no one can win and 
where all life will lose. Why is this being done? Because the only 
way for the rich and powerful to escape the coming US Economic 
catastrophe caused by the destruction of the petrodollar is to pull 
the house down and hope to escape in the general confusion and 
disaster from the wreckage.

Chris Fogarty is an Irish historian now resident in Chicago, 
Illinois, USA. Is Britain's cover-up of its 1845-1850 holocaust in 
Ireland the most successful Big Lie in all of history? The cover-up 
is accomplished by the same British terrorism and bribery that 
perpetrated the genocide. Consider: why does Irish President Mary 
Robinson call it "Ireland's greatest natural 1 disaster" while she 
conceals the British army's role? Potato blight, "phytophthora 
infestans", did spread from America to Europe in 1844, to England and 
then Ireland in 1845 but it didn't cause famine anywhere. Ireland did 
not starve for potatoes; it starved for food.

Hosted by Sean Day, London Taxi Radio is a New Digital Media 
Initiative incorporating an online radio station, podcasts, Youtube 
channel, photographs and video footage. Today we take a close look at 
the difference between Uber drivers and licenced black cab drivers 
who are being undermined driven out of business by Uber.

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 From South America, where payment must be made with subtlety, the 
Bormann organization has made a substantial contribution. It has 
drawn many of the brightest Jewish businessmen into a participatory 
role in the development of many of its corporations, and many of 
these Jews share their prosperity most generously with Israel. If 
their proposals are sound, they are even provided with a specially 
dispensed venture capital fund. I spoke with one Jewish businessmen 
in Hartford, Connecticut. He had arrived there quite unknown several 
years before our conversation, but with Bormann money as his 
leverage. Today he is more than a millionaire, a quiet leader in the 
community with a certain share of his profits earmarked as always for 
his venture capital benefactors. This has taken place in many other 
instances across America and demonstrates how Bormann's people 
operate in the contemporary commercial world, in contrast to the 
fanciful nonsense with which Nazis are described in so much "literature."

So much emphasis is placed on select Jewish participation in Bormann 
companies that when Adolf Eichmann was seized and taken to Tel Aviv 
to stand trial, it produced a shock wave in the Jewish and German 
communities of Buenos Aires. Jewish leaders informed the Israeli 
authorities in no uncertain terms that this must never happen again 
because a repetition would permanently rupture relations with the 
Germans of Latin America, as well as with the Bormann organization, 
and cut off the flow of Jewish money to Israel. It never happened 
again, and the pursuit of Bormann quieted down at the request of 
these Jewish leaders. He is residing in an Argentinian safe haven, 
protected by the most efficient German infrastructure in history as 
well as by all those whose prosperity depends on his well-being.
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