Harrow rents (Mark

james armstrong james36armstrong at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 7 18:07:25 GMT 2018

 A team self built 3 bed houses with garage and garden at St Minver Cornwall to rent at  £115 per week.

I have told Homes England, the  government’s ’new’ housing agency  that teams of self builders set up in each parish in England where there is a need, is the way to cure the housing crisis, building on land compulsory purchased and sold to  s-bers at £10k per plot. taken from Wimpey’s and Persimmons’ £40billion each,  stash of ’strategic land’. (It is unlawful to use a monopoly (here of scarce housing land) against the public interest.   W and P are potentially liable to  £billion fines from Regulators.

James A.    

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