Social Wasteland Of Britain’s Lake District : Villages That No One Calls Home

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Skin Deep Beauty Of Britain’s Lake District: Villages That No One Calls Home

Lake District: Villages that no one calls home


in the Lake District are being turned into “ghost 
towns” because of the large number of people 
buying second homes in the national park, the 
former leader of the Lib Dems has said.

Dec 16, 2018

Many people buy second homes in the national park
Tim Farron is to demand a change in planning and 
local taxation laws in Parliament this week 
because of the problem in one of the most 
picturesque parts of England. He wants local 
authorities to have the power to demand double 
the council tax rate for second homes. The issue, 
which is replicated in areas of natural beauty 
such as Devon, Cornwall, North Wales and Norfolk, 
sees the number of second homes driving up the 
cost of housing, pricing out local people and threatening services.
Mr Farron, whose Westmorland and Lonsdale 
constituency includes the Lake District, said: 
“We don’t want to be unwelcoming or say that 
people should not buy second homes, but there is 
a problem in many villages which are being turned 
into ghost towns because there is nobody living there for much of the year.

“I went door knocking in one village near 
Hawkshead and every house was empty apart from 
one where there was just a man in his 70s.”

Mr Farron said the knockon effect was that 
schools close because there are no children to go 
there any more, bus services are cancelled and shops go out of business.
He also wants to close a loophole where second 
homes owners register as a small business avoiding local tax.

“It seems wrong that people who own these homes 
are not even contributing financially to the 
community,” he said. “Many people would think it 
was fair for them to actually pay extra to help 
keep services alive even if they are not there 
for much of the year to spend money in the community.”

Mr Farron wants to force property buyers to seek 
planning permission for a second home designation.

The MP said: “That way the number of second homes 
in a village could be limited simply by the 
council refusing to give planning permission.”

He added: “We need to restrict the impact that 
second homes are having on communities.”
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