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Parliamentary Diss Closure of Land
                       Is there a call for a seminar to discuss action arising from the paper-?
 Diss Closure is a 2018 initiative  to regain access to land in England for social uses,   a paper sets out the case for parliament to revisit the inequitable and greatly flawed Parliamentary Enclosure Acts of over a hundred years ago  and amending them to  capture for pubic use,  rights to a portion of that land for the common use to-day  for  the construction of social housing  to meet the  needs of  a population grown tenfold since that distribution.
Some 5,000 Acts were passed not so long ago, which largely determine the land ownership pattern today  and before Parliament was reformed and before a single  woman was enfranchised (in  1918.)

 The Enclosure legal process was highly flawed,   The  rights of the majority who were  possessors of   minor rights to holdings were  hugely neglected then.  The population since the passing of the acts has increased from some five million to fifty million.  -
Exploitation to-day is systematic  of  peoples’ existential housing needs - it currently takes the form of   unlawful monopoly of  housing land, ‘landbanking’, for profit.
This unlawful but unregulatied  practice is at the heart of the housing crisis. To end this present  scandal, and to  address the unacknowledged  jeopardy of  future generations  doomed to suffer from  the present undersupply (directly caused by  the unreformed Enclosure Acts,) requires action to-day
Revisiting some 5,000 separate, flawed and inequitable Parliamentary Enclosure Acts
offers an avenue to modernize the antiquated and inequitable land ownership system in England which anchors in the past  and to-day blights  the British constitution and prevents  social, economic and  democratic progress. .

The paper, ‘Diss closure’ sets out this case , and comes with a Reading List , on Land Issues (below) which includes the text of a typical Enclosure Act of 1787 .

The paper  also describes an initiative to set up a national organization to canvas gifts of , and  procure development land to be used by teams of self builders in each parish, building one for one houses for themselves and for social use. (following the successful St Minver example)

It is hoped the paper might stimulate action. The first step might be a seminar to discuss the issues and  decide on future action.

                                                                                                 James Armstrong
                          A Reading List, with c.1,000 word - extracts of each
Hawker, the journal of a Victorian poacher…                       ….Garth Christian
Eighteenth Century England ………..                                        David Thompson and Wm Cobbett
Mao’s Great Famine  ………………….                                    Frank Dikotter
The Burston Rebellion                                                                B Zamoyska
The Making of the English Landscape                                       W G Hoskins

etc ………….
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