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Hi all,

The Landworkers’ Alliance crowd funder has one more week to go so I’m sending around an update in case anyone wants to make a donation to support our struggle for just and sustainable agricultural policy after Brexit.

Go to the crowdfunder page here to make a donation that will help us defend small-scale family farms, and try to build a future where farmers and new entrants can make a decent livelihood producing good food

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In Spring 2018 the government will outline our post-Brexit farming policy. This is the most significant moment in generations for those who want to see a socially just and environmentally sustainable food system. We need your help to raise money so that the Landworkers' Alliance can defend the needs of small-scale and ecological farmers against agri-business interest.

As farmers in the Landworkers' Alliance we want to produce nutritious food that is available to everyone but we face huge obstacles. Government austerity measures and benefit cuts have led to over 8 million people experiencing food poverty in UK. We have one of the highest levels of concentrated land ownership in the world. In the 15 years 35,000 small scale and family farms closed down. And the amount of young people under 35 working in farming is less than 6%. Post-Brexit this reality will get worse unless we take urgent action.

Our crowdfunding campaign 'More Farmers, Better Food' will fund our work lobbying and campaigning to influence the policy making process. It will support us to ensure the future of the UK food system guarantees farmers and food workers are able to work with dignity and earn a decent living, and everybody is able to access nutritious and affordable food.

Now more then ever the future of our farms, our land, our food is in our hands. Let's put control over the food system back into the hands of our communities!

With just one week left to go on our crowdfunder - please support our campaign today!<>
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