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February is so sneaky, flying by as it does. We can't quite believe it's 
already March. March! Although short, February certainly packed a punch 
and was jam-packed with events and announcements from all across the 
country. Keep scrolling to read the latest news from the movement, as 
well as on our AGM, the new See It and Believe It date, funding news and 
MUCH more!


Click here for more details on National CLT Network membership 

Ten years ago there were 14 CLTs, there's now around 230, with more than 
5,000 homes in the pipeline! The CLT movement is growing fast, and our 
aim is to see a CLT in any community that wants one. We're also taking a 
leading role in the growth of the wider community-led housing movement.

We hope you'll agree, it's been a hugely successful year for the 
movement. Together with members we've reached many milestones that will 
help community led housing to become a mainstream housing option.

Becoming a member of the National CLT Network puts you right at the 
heart of this growing community land trust and wider community led 
housing movement. This year we've continued to live up to our reputation 
as a formidable lobbying force within Westminster. Together we have:

  * *secured the future of the Community Housing Fund*
  * *made major progress in securing an exemption from the ban on
    leasehold and ground rents.*

We are a membership organisation, which means that without you, we 
wouldn't exist. We are very excited for the future of this movement and 
the serious change it will bring to society. Our growing team stands 
with you, is constantly inspired by you, and fights for you, making sure 
you get the funding, support and resources you need to be able to fight 
your cause. We hope you'll support us too, as the movement develops.
We have packages that will suit all groups and organisations involved in 
the movement, including:

  * New and forming CLTs
  * Established CLTs
  * Enabling Hubs
  * Local authorities
  * Other organisations such as developers, architects and planners.

We're pleased to let you know that we'll be providing you with *even 
greater value for money*by including many new additional benefits and 
resources. Membership benefits include:

  * Access to*professional advice and technical support*
  * Connections to a*large support system *of like-minded people and
  * access to *live online briefings with Q&A sessions*
  * an exclusive one-off *£50 discount on Employers and/or Public
    Liability Insurance*to all 'Member' and 'Member Plus' CLTs
  * *written briefings*on a range of important matters including GDPR
    and the Community Housing Fund
  * *more showcase events*across the country to inspire, share
    knowledge and build valuable connections with other groups and

Member Plus CLTs now have the option to *extend the Directors' and 
Officers' Liability insurance to include cover for the legal form of the 
CLT itself*, in the event that the CLT is sued. It also gives you 
Professional Indemnity insurance, useful if you give any services or 
advice. This all adds £60 to your membership fee, a big saving on the 
cost of you taking this cover out yourself.

Join the National CLT Network today 



The Beast from the East put paid to our plans to hold our AGM in 
Cambridgeshire (more info on the rescheduling of See It and Believe It 
event coming up) and forced us to get creative and live stream our AGM 
instead. And guess, what, it's still available to view online! Just 
click the video link above.

Hear from our Chair, Baroness Cathy Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville 
MBE, our Director and the team on what we've been getting up to and our 
future activities. The re-election of Alison Ward to the Board was also 
announced following a member vote (congratulations Alison!).

A full summary of the AGM and a copy of our annual report can be found 


*Visit to Stretham and Wilburton CLT, Cambridgeshire*
Unfortunately, last week's weather meant we were unable to go ahead with 
our visit to Stretham and Wilburton CLT, we're really sorry if this 
caused any issues for any of you. We're now in the process of 
rescheduling this event and will be in touch with original guests asap.


Crowdfunding and community share issues are becoming the norm when it 
comes to raising finance. If you'd like more information on how you can 
set up your own fundraiser, get in touch with Tom 
<mailto:tom at>. To 
make sure the National CLT Network benefits (without making a dent in 
your own collection), all you have to do is:

  * Sign up to Crowdfunder by following *this link*
  * Let us know you're setting one up, so we can notify Crowdfunder
    you've followed our referral.


*1. Community Housing Fund*
We understand that the launch of the prospectus will not take place for 
a few more weeks while the programme details and launch date are finalised.

It should be noted that the programme will be launched in phases - the 
initial prospectus will outline the revenue and funding for capital 
infrastructure (e.g. roads). The prospectus on the capital grant funding 
(for affordable housing) will follow later. We are currently working 
with the Ministry and Homes England on the detail of the capital 
programme. If you have any projects that need capital now though please 
let us know and we will inform Homes England.

As many of you know, we've written to the new Minister of State for 
Dominic Raab MP, on three measures needed to maximise the delivery of 
the Fund. Thank you to everyone that wrote to the Minister urging for 
the Fund to be launched.

*2. Draft London Plan*
We worked with the London Hub, CDS Co-operatives, Confederation of 
Co-operative Housing and UK Cohousing to produce a joint response to the 
draft London Plan - an important document that will set a policy 
framework for local plans across the capital.
*View the joint response here* 

*3. Small Sites, Small Builders*
Small Sites, Small Builders is a new pilot scheme devised by the Mayor 
of London to help create more genuinely affordable homes in the capital. 
Sadiq Khan announced 
<>that ten 
small sites owned by Transport for London have been released for 

We're delighted to see that the two largest sites have been reserved for 
community-led housing groups to bid for. This is an important vote of 
confidence for community-led housing from the Mayor of London. These 
sites will create new stock of genuinely affordable housing and enable 
local families to remain in the places they call home.

*4. Nationwide Foundation invests £1 million in Community Led Housing*
/'/We're delighted to announce that, together with the Confederation of 
Co-operative Housing and UK Cohousing, we have secured funding from the 
Nationwide Foundation 
as part of their larger investment in the community housing sector.

The money will help us together deliver three key activities to help 
grow community-led housing, including:

  * a single website on community-led housing that brings together all
    information, resources and activity on community-led housing;
  * Support for new local enabling hubs; and
  * a training and quality mark programme for advisers to ensure the
    highest quality advice is provided to groups.

This support from the Nationwide Foundation is a big step forward in 
developing the national infrastructure for community-led housing. As 
shared at the AGM, we, CCH, UK Cohousing and Locality have point a joint 
Expression of Interest to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local 
Government to further develop the national and local infrastructure for 
community-led housing.

*5. EU funding to grow CLT approach in North West Europe*
We have also been successful in a collaborative bid to the EU Interreg 
North West Europe Programme to support the growth of CLTs in cities in 
North West Europe 
Working with partners in France, Belgium and Holland, as well as with 
London CLT, we will, during the course of the three year project, 
support efforts to 'prove the concept' in other parts of the region, 
create a supportive local, regional and national policy, funding and 
regulatory environment for CLTs across the region, and build the 
movement. There will be lots of opportunities for CLTs in the UK to be 
involved and we will share information on that shortly.

*6. Leasehold Reform*
We're continuing to lobby for an exemption for CLTs and cohousing groups 
from the ban on leasehold and ground rents. Following Government's 
response to the consultation, published on 23 December 2017, which 
explicitly stated that an exemption for CLTs would be considered, we're 
due to meet with officials shortly to discuss this. We'll update you all 
in due course.


Over two hundred people attended events in February in Surrey and 
Brighton and Hove 
to learn about local community led housing initiatives.

Architect Bill Dunster shows the development design to a community 
member at the Newport Essex Open Day 
in February.

Grow Wild is giving away free seed kits to communities that want to 
create pockets of wild beauty in their neighbourhood! Sounds lovely, 
right?! Apply for your f 
<> by 
11 March.

Calder Valley CLT has received "pledges" totaling over £90,000! 
This is a very positive first step towards their goal of raising 
£500,000 - the largest community share offer for community-led housing 
ever attempted in Britain.

Ruman, Humayra, and their son Yunus share their story about living in 
London CLT's St Clement's 
development. Thanks to the CLT, they were able to move out of the flat 
they shared with four other family members and get their own space.


*We're recruiting for a Communications and Campaigns Officer*
Join us at the Network! We are seeking a Communications and Campaigns 
<>  This 
is a new position that will offer a chance to play a key role in our 
communications and advocacy campaigning work as well as in the Interreg 
North West Europe project. If you know someone who would make a great 
addition to our team, don't wait to share this with them - deadline: 
23 March!
*Other Vacancies*
RUSS CLT currently has a vacancy for a new Operations Director. 
application deadline has now been extended to 23 March.

East Midlands CLT is seeking a Community Led Housing Facilitator 
Applications must be received by noon, 23 March.

The University of Sheffield is proud to now offer a fully-funded ESRC 
Collaborative PhD Studentship 
entry in October 2018.


CLTs in the news! February saw lots of great coverage for local CLTs. 
Read all about their progress below.

*Co-Op News*
Nationwide Foundation give £1m to help grow community housing 

*The Guardian*
How one community beat the system and rebuilt their shattered streets 

*The Packet*
Partnership approach brings 16 new affordable homes for local people at 

London’s DIY community housing groups set to boom thanks to multimillion 
European fund 

*The Wharfedale Observer*
Otley Community Land Trust flourishing - and aiming to welcome new 

*Spire FM*
"Men's Shed" project to open in Wilton 
*Please do share your news with us, it means we can share it through our 
website, social media and newsletters like this.* Email Beth 
<mailto:beth at>, with your stories and updates.

We are also getting an increasing number of journalists calling us and 
asking to be put in touch with CLTs. The national media is clearly a 
fantastic way to raise the profile of your project, as well as the wider 
community-led housing movement. If you are happy to be contacted by 
journalists please let Beth know 
<mailto:beth at>.


*15 March* - Free Carlisle Self Build event, for more information look 
email jeremy.hewitson at 
<mailto:jeremy.hewitson at> or call 01228 81751

*17 March* - Oxford Community-Led Housing with Oxford Human Rights 
Festival is presenting a session on Identity and Affordable Housing, 
register here. 

*24 March* - Broadhempston CLT Project Tour, to reserve a space email 
hrdavies at For more details, look on our website 

*10 to 13 April* - Marmalade Conference in Oxford, a free series of 
workshops focusing on place based social change. For more information 
and a detailed schedule, look on their website. 

Check out our events page 
for more updates on future events!


You may remember how in December, we asked you to vote for Catherine in 
24housing's Power Players. One, we wanted to see more women in the list 
and two, we thought it was about time community led housing got a mention.

Well, guess what - it only went and worked, tons of you voted for her 
and she reached number 25!! Although Catherine's initial reaction may 
have been one of utter mortification, she is very grateful for the fact 
that so many of you took the time to vote and hopes that it will have 
helped to raise awareness of community led housing within the wider 
housing sector and amongst decision makers.

/Copyright © 2018 National CLT Network, All rights reserved./
You are receiving this email because you opted in to join our mailing 
list, are one of our Members or have attended one of our events.

*Our mailing address is:*
National CLT Network
7-14 Great Dover Street
London, London SE1 4YR
United Kingdom

Add us to your address book 

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