UK Plc. regulator looks the other way as Vedanta flees scene of crime in London

Ram Selva seeds at
Mon Oct 1 12:41:27 BST 2018

This morning a protest was held, in the run up to the annual and final 
AGM protest today, [inside and outside the AGM of Natural Resources 
giant -Vedanta Resources Plc,] at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) 
in Canary Wharf.   Vedanta Resources are being allowed to delist from 
the London Stock Exchange (LSE), before they are investigated,
Trying to get a comprehensive report :  "‘Vedanta’s Billions: Regulatory 
failure, environment and human rights’" [1] into the hands of any 
responsible executive at the FCA has proved to be a problem for days - 
calling in person too is futile.
Eventually only a security guard received the report.
This is how the FCA operates.
(Pls read the damning report [1])

With so many land and housing merchants in the FTSE100 Index of London 
Stock Exchange this is important to note.

Protest the AGM today at 2 pm. very near Holborn station.
"Monday 1st October, 2-5 pm Lincoln Centre, Lincoln Inn Fields, London, 

On Vedanta Resources getting booted out of the "cloak of respectability" 
London had afforded:

The fastest "climbing" miner to have been floated in LSE in Tony Blair's 
heyday, is currently being primed to take over the colonial remnant that 
is Anglo American Plc. Besides major mining and financing moves in 
Africa (mostly revolving around Johanesburgh,) in official business 
today in London at their last AGM, Anglo Gold Ahsanti's ex CEO will be 
taking the helm of a company that is now diving in to the realms of 
private operations.
Shareholders [that's already more than 90% owned by one family] will 
vote this afternoon to "decide" if they are going private or not!

All this while Vedanta Resources is breaking new territory in tort law, 
also in London.
"Lungowe v Vedanta Resources plc [2017] EWCA Civ 1528 is an English tort 
law case, concerning business liability for human rights violations and 
environmental damage. " [3]

What some UK Land activists should take note of is the large 
unconventional energy play Vedanta Resources has gotten themselves into 
when they rubbed shoulders with master looters and polluters in London. 
While Cairn Energy's input into was lobbied for by none other then UK PM 
David Cameron, despicable SOCO Energy [LON: SIA] has even a board 
position. The general Indian region on- and off-shore (!) is facing 
serious disaster/s with a company with such disastrous health and safety 
record as Vedanta,  with unconventional energy threats that go far 
beyond fracking. A new liberal licencing policy [4] over how to go for 
hydrocarbons being enacted aside, even the delays in New Delhi were due 
to delays that held up Vedanta Resources AGM for few months now.

An easy read of most of the issues covered above, from recent global 
solidarity [5] media:

- Ram

[3] <>
[5] Protest outside UK High Commission in Lusaka : 

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