Demonstrate for Palestine - May 11th, London

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Newsletter - 08/04/2019

May 11 - Demonstrate for Palestine - 12 noon Portland Place, London


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Palestine is still the issue

Palestinian activists are talking of a 'new Naqba', a new catastrophe. The murderous attacks on the Right to Return marches are one part of a much wider assault. Most seriously, with the full backing of Donald Trump, a new Netanyahu government looks set to start annexing parts of the West Bank.

Such a move would be an open declaration by Israel and its Western backers that the recognition of Palestine is off the table.

In these circumstances, it is vital the whole of the movement stands with the Palestinians and that we defy the attempts that have been made over the last year to silence us.

Stop the War is co-organising meetings up and down the country in solidarity with the Palestinians.
The London <> rally<> Why Palestine is Still the Issue<> takes place on May 2.
Speakers include: Lowkey, Tariq Ali, Karma Nabulsi, Kevin Courtney, Ben Jamal and Lindsey German.

This cycle of meetings is calling for a massive mobilisation for the national demonstration for Palestine on May 11. Make sure you are there.
National Demonstration for Palestine<>
Sat 11 May
Assemble: 12 Noon
Portland Place to Whitehall
Lowkey is back!

Lowkey is bringing his Soundtrack to the Struggle 2 to a town near you, featuring appearances by Stop the War activists at every stop. The first events have been brilliant, many are close to selling out, so get your tickets now. You can see Chris Nineham's speech at the Glasgow event here<[0]=68.ARBMguFvc7QcPp6XFhT89Kp_ofbDZFTXeVsjaOKwDa2RO0xqdPbu3vUVqukYjtrgQ58QY3ZfGvT7LDcJtEV9bue4Odzj6YnGZ0nDDulDRrxAl7dve0vVmSJr2ZV3MzgeVgtbT3W6H0AAd-_75ZEE2rUUUuokW5dpX9gj172lLDQbDxJ89p8RNbGRFkNBq-1ljEyiIVv11g6fvmhtxMC6QN7G7rFjXO3hAmyU3mutuLaXRLHhjiOMXsZ9uWDAOPqYxIPxJWI_nANH89mNFE63kJW6_jrCMq_KOLly8k-CPY9MMjbbnqV6VudcQvZMo1kA04Ej5JJ_vKmn9D_hTk7RyMprofC_2jrnFN_z_g>....

War in Libya escalates


In 2011 Stop the War campaigned against the bombing of Libya warning that what was being presented as humanitarian intervention would lead to catastrophe. Yet again StW and its supporters have been proved right: the bombing of Libya was neither humanitarian nor liberating.
Read about it here<>.

Don't deport Assange to the US

The treatment of Julian Assange by the British authorities has been a scandal. Assange and Wikileaks have helped expose the hypocrisy and the horror of the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq in particular. That is why the establishment is out to silence him. Stop the War opposes his extradition to the US, it is absolutely clear that were he to be sent to the US he wouldn't stand a chance of a fair hearing.

StW Appeal - We need your help to campaign!


Our campaigns for Palestine, against the bombing of Yemen and our upcoming protests against Trump's visits cost a huge amount of money. These are very dangerous times and we need your financial help.
Please help us achieve our goal of raising £20,000 before Trump's visit in June.
Every little helps:
 £25 = Printing of 1,000 Leaflets
£50 = Printing of 1,000 Briefings
£650 = Public Rally
£1,000 = 600 Placards
Donate to Stop the War here

Please give generously today!

We need your support to maintain the strength of Stop the War Coalition
Become a member here:
Donate to Stop the War here:

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