Geneva, Toulouse & Bristol, Métropolisation in Switzerland, France & Britain

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Geneva, Toulouse & Bristol, Métropolisation in Switzerland, France & Britain
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Subtitle: Native American & Jewish holocausts: 
projection of American power and the Israel Lobby
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Featured Speakers/Commentators: Marie-Luce Storme, Robert Mandel
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Marie-Luce Storme is a French-born Swiss 
filmmaker who's in Bristol this week to make a 
documentary about Métropolisation of European 
cities, turning them into sterile copies of 
one-another with the same transnational retail 
chains in every city, squeezing out local 
businesses. Marie was also in Toulouse last 
weekend and reports first-hand on the Gilets 
Jaunes, Yellow Jackets protests which are 
breaking out every weekend now in France and she 
believes will only increase in scale until 
president Macron ends austerity and restores 
public services, jobs, wages and gets France out of the European Union.

International Relations lecturer Robert Mandel 
joins us to discuss the colonisation of North 
America as well as the dispossession of 
Palestinians in the Israeli state. He gives 
several examples of deliberate genocidal policies 
of the Israeli government and the way the West's 
mass media protects Israeli state racism. Rob 
also takes a good look at potential ways forward 
in Israel Palestine to end the apartheid and racism.

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