Bristol's 'We Love Stoke Lodge' group face fencing off of their beloved open space

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Magnitsky Act: an exuse to personally target wealthy advocates for Russia?
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Subtitle: We Bristol's 'Love Stoke Lodge' group 
face fencing off of their beloved open space
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Featured Speakers/Commentators: Emma Burgess, Alex Krainer
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Emma Burgess joins us to talk about her group's 
fight to keep access to local open space, owned 
by the council at Stoke Lodge. Cotham school 
continue in their determination to complete a 
controversial fence at public expense, to shut 
the public out. The school has spent over £100k 
in legal costs in pursuit of a fence and are now 
building it at costs of over £150k despite 
ongoing legal challenges that mean they may have to take it down again.
We Love Stoke Lodge

Interview with Alex Krainer, hedge fund manager 
and author of 'The Killing of William Browder: 
Deconstructing Bill Browder's Dangerous 
Deception. and Grand Deception: The Truth About 
Bill Browder, the Magnitsky Act and Anti-Russian Sanctions
Bill Browder is the man responsible for much of 
the anti-Russian sentiment in the West in recent 
years through his lobbying for the Magnitsky Act, 
which sanctions individuals believed to have been 
involved in the death of Russian "lawyer" Sergei 
Magnitsky in 2009. Browder told his story in a 
book called Red Notice, in which he paints 
himself as a totally innocent victim of a Russian 
campaign to destroy him. But Krainer dissects 
Browder's account piece by piece, showing that he 
was anything but an innocent businessman.
Bill Browder, the Magnitsky Act, and anti-Russia 
sanctions: Interview with Alex Krainer
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