Anglo-Saxon Democracy, by Tony Dyer, light on Dark Ages & birth of the English nation

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Anglo-Saxon Democracy, by Tony Dyer,
light on Dark Ages & birth of the English nation

Green party activist and 2015 Bristol mayor candidate Tony
Dyer is author of a book on the politics of Anglo-Saxon England.

The period starts after the Romans had left in 450 to the 1066
Norman invasion, 600 years of the the so called 'dark ages'.
Tony explains the so-called 'heptarchy' or power sharing
arrangement between the seven kings of Northumbria, Mercia,
East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Sussex and Wessex. This came into
its own after years of Viking invasions in the late Anglo-Saxon
period when some of the seven kingdoms had been overrun by
the Danes and there had to be concerted resistance or
Christian values were in danger of being wiped out in England.
Alfred the Great mobilised Southern England in a concerted
force to take on the Vikings and after proving victorious in
battle, insisted they adopt the Christian faith. A revival in
learning, security and peace followed
Tony Dyer - Tony Gosling - 17 September 2019

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'From South America, where payment must be made with subtlety, the 
Bormann organization has made a substantial contribution. It has 
drawn many of the brightest Jewish businessmen into a participatory 
role in the development of many of its corporations, and many of 
these Jews share their prosperity most generously with Israel. If 
their proposals are sound, they are even provided with a specially 
dispensed venture capital fund. I spoke with one Jewish businessmen 
in Hartford, Connecticut. He had arrived there quite unknown several 
years before our conversation, but with Bormann money as his 
leverage. Today he is more than a millionaire, a quiet leader in the 
community with a certain share of his profits earmarked as always for 
his venture capital benefactors. This has taken place in many other 
instances across America and demonstrates how Bormann's people 
operate in the contemporary commercial world, in contrast to the 
fanciful nonsense with which Nazis are described in so much "literature."

So much emphasis is placed on select Jewish participation in Bormann 
companies that when Adolf Eichmann was seized and taken to Tel Aviv 
to stand trial, it produced a shock wave in the Jewish and German 
communities of Buenos Aires. Jewish leaders informed the Israeli 
authorities in no uncertain terms that this must never happen again 
because a repetition would permanently rupture relations with the 
Germans of Latin America, as well as with the Bormann organization, 
and cut off the flow of Jewish money to Israel. It never happened 
again, and the pursuit of Bormann quieted down at the request of 
these Jewish leaders. He is residing in an Argentinian safe haven, 
protected by the most efficient German infrastructure in history as 
well as by all those whose prosperity depends on his well-being.'

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