Cromwell's mob, 'post-colonial' tactics revealed in South Africa

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Sat Feb 22 13:03:24 GMT 2020

Please forgive me Ram for circulating your condemnation of this 
creature more widely and adding to it...


Not him again

Loved as a revolutionary marxist hero by Stop the War convenor John Rees
Exposed by Abbe Larudan as a masonic intriguer and by others as 
promoter of the complete privatisation of English land

Trust all have come across this since my ramblings over the last few 
weeks managed to bag an interview with the producer of 2019 sundance 
award winning documentary 'Cold Case Hammarskjold'

Hammarskjold assassination: How the UN was decapitated in 1961 by far 
right SAIMR

Though I watched it online on a password and have a copy
The 2019 doc doesn't seem to be available anywhere
Plenty of reviews and trailers mind
For those really interested as I am in far right south african racist 
power cult tricks you can turn the lights down and listen to the 
entire documentary here until someone takes it down
Two hours in the dark with Danes winkling out the South African eugenicists
What more could one wish for?

At 08:45 22/02/2020, Ram wrote:
>'Varadkar resigns amid warning impasse will hit the economy
>Business Week: also in the news were jobs, corporation tax, Brexit 
>and the coronavirus
>Putting out info on how "Corporation of London" created "Corporation 
>of Londonderry" at the beginning of the secretive scams to plunder 
>the planet as Cromwell set out is a good deed in my opinion.

And it came to pass, as he sat at meat with them, he took bread, and 
blessed it, and brake, and gave to them. 
<>31 And their eyes were opened, 
and they knew him; and he vanished out of their 

"And I think, in the end, that is the best definition of journalism I 
have heard; to challenge authority - all authority - especially so 
when governments and politicians take us to war, when they have 
decided that they will kill and others will die. "
--Robert Fisk
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