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COST £6.00 up
FEB 15

What is Land Justice? Day conference ticket
Land Justice Network
£5.98 – £11.37


Stay at the Trinity Centre on the Saturday night 
for stories, music and a knees-up - 7pm to 11pm - 
LJN fundraiser. This is a separate ticket: 

The historic root of inequality in Britain is the 
uneven distribution of land, the rights given to 
those who own it, and the rights taken from those who don’t.

Come and join the Land Justice Network for a 
weekend of learning about and exploring how land 
justice relates to: food; housing; energy; 
ecosystems, transport, our colonial history, 
climate resilience and our common good, creating 
a common base of knowledge from which to build a movement and inform action.


09.30 am - Arrival

    * Tea and coffee served (bring your own mug!)

10.00 am - Opening Plenary

    * Welcome - hosted by South West Land Justice Network

10.30 am - Talks

    * Main hall: Land, finance and speculation – 
tackling the roots of our dysfunctional housing 
market with 
Stratford, political economist and New Economics Foundation fellow.
    * Fyfe Hall: Recent history of land justice 
movement in England with Indra Donfrancesco from 
<>Earth First! 
FOLLOWED BY Right to Roam campaigning with Nick 
Hayes - Illustrator and author of 
Spellbound Land: Trespassing the lines that 
divide us all'. Nick's beautiful prints will be 
for sale with funds going to the Land Justice Network.

11.15 am - Break

11.40 am - Morning workshops

    * Main Hall: Fishbowl 1: Housing open 
discussion with special guests including 
<>Tiny House Community Bristol,
    * Fyfe Hall: Identity and Spiritual 
Stewardship: Diasporic and Decolonial 
Perspectives on Belonging and the Land with 
Samson Hart, Alice Taherzadeh & Rabab Ghazoul
    * Graffiti Room: Fishbowl 2: Energy and 
Transport open discussion with special guests 
including <>Zero West,

13.00 pm - Lunch served by the 
Kitchen in the Main Hall

13.50 pm - Launch of Energy Democracy Guide in the main hall

14.00 pm - Afternoon workshops

    * Main Hall: Fishbowl 3: Food and Fibre open 
discussion with special guests, including 
<>Landworkers Alliance,
    * Fyfe Hall: Fishbowl 4: Community and public 
space open discussion with special guests 
including <>Peoples 
Republic of Stokes Croft, <>Project Skyline,
    * Graffiti Room: Singing workshop with the 
<>Island Folk Choir

15.20 pm - Break

15.45 pm - Closing Plenary

    * Ideas and planning for what next for the 
land justice movement in Britain, the South West 
and in our own lives and work, including working 
towards a 
Land Policy, developing a Right to Roam campaign, 
next events and meetings, finding people organising in your area.

16.45 pm - End

    * We will need to leave the main hall 
promptly, but please join us for an evening of 
stories and music - 7pm to 11pm - LJN fundraiser. 
This is a separate ticket: 

In the interests of minimising waste and saving 
resources, please could you bring your own 
re-usable mug or cup. There are a limited number 
of mugs in the venue, so if you want to be sure 
of a cup of tea, please bring your own. We'll be 
providing hot water and teas and coffees you can 
top up with, and we will be serving lunch on 
biodegradable plates with biodegradable cutlery.

Delicious lunch provided by the Community 
- lunch is included in the ticket, but donations are welcome!

The land justice network is a non-hierarchical 
network of groups and individuals who work 
together to raise awareness of land as a common 
issue underpinning many struggles and injustices. 
We will be using this event to raise awareness 
and turn that awareness into action that will 
challenge and change the status quo.

This event is organised by the South West Land 
Justice Network - get in touch with us by email 
<mailto:landjusticesouthwest at>landjusticesouthwest at 
and see our web page 


Kingdom Events 
Somerset Events 
To Do In Bristol 
Other Conferences

And it came to pass, as he sat at meat with them, 
he took bread, and blessed it, and brake, and 
gave to them. 
<>31 And their 
eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he 
vanished out of their sight.

"And I think, in the end, that is the best 
definition of journalism I have heard; to 
challenge authority - all authority - especially 
so when governments and politicians take us to 
war, when they have decided that they will kill and others will die. "
--Robert Fisk
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