'Violence as police try to break up peaceful London-wide street parties': Echoes of 1994 CJA this weekend

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'Violence starts as police try to break up street 
parties': Echoes of 1994 CJA all over London this weekend

How UK Ravers Raged Against the Ban
The 1994 Criminal Justice Act is responsible for 
the club culture we know today.
As far as bizarrely vindictive legislation goes, 
Section 63 of the 1994 Criminal Justice Act is up 
there with any other needlessly discriminatory 
British law. Giving police the power to shut down 
events featuring music that's “characterised by 
the emission of a succession of repetitive 
beats”, the clause was aimed unequivocally at one 
particular glass-eyed, cheek-chewing threat to 
the nation's youth: the UK’s illegal rave scene.


Revolt of the Ravers – The Movement against the 
Criminal Justice Act in Britain 1993-95
It is now twenty years since the British 
government first announced that it was bringing 
in new laws to prevent free parties and 
festivals. The legislation that ended up as the 
Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 
prompted a mass movement of defiance with long 
lasting and sometimes unexpected consequences.

Riot police fail to disperse unlicensed street parties anwhere in London
Harrow Road/Riverton Close, in Maida Hill, 
Newham, Kingston, West Kilburn, Clapham Common and Brixton
In another night of tension between police and 
Londoners, officers were called to a number of illegal raves across the capital
By Sam Truelove Senior reporter 10:23, 27 JUN 2020
Hundreds of people attended a handful of 
unlicensed music events across London in another 
night where police were attacked by revellers.
Riot police were reportedly pelted with bottles 
and other missiles as they attempted to disperse 
crowds in West London, while around 300 youths 
were seen drinking and listening to music in Kingston.

One man was arrested on suspicion of possessing a 
firearm after police were called to a block party in Newham.
Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police 
Commissioner, says “consequences will follow” for 
those who attack officers and damage property as 
she promised to continue to shut down illegal parties in the capital.
Below are all the unlicensed music events that we 
are aware of which happened on Friday night (June 26).

Harrow Road/Riverton Close, in Maida Hill and West Kilburn
Hundreds of people attended a block party in 
Harrow Road, West London (Image: Charlie Jones)
Police were first called to Harrow Road, in the 
area between Maida Hill and West Kilburn, to 
reports of an unlicensed music event at 3pm.
Reports on social media suggested hundreds of 
youths and young adults were at the event, with 
videos showing the group in a stand off with 
officers in riot equipment near a block of flats.
One video appears to show riot police being 
pelted with bottles and other missiles as they 
attempted to disperse the crowds.
MyLondon journalist Charlie Jones was reporting 
live from the party and said: "Violence started 
earlier tonight as police tried to break up a 
party just off the Harrow Road in West London."
He added at 11.40pm: "Harrow Road party has moved 
a few streets down. Officers haves blocked most 
entrances. MC is saying three minutes left, 
suggests the police have given an end time.
"We’ve been on the last song for about 20 minutes 
now at Harrow Road party. Police still in 
position blocking main entrance/ exit with a hard line - no one let through."
At some point during the evening, the party 
seemed to move to Riverton Close with the large 
group continuing to play music and congregate until the early hours.
A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said 
no arrests were made: "Police are responding to 
an unlicensed music event on Harrow Road, W9. 
Officers were called to the location around 3pm 
following concerns from residents.
"Officers engaged with the attendees, who refused to leave the location.
"Following engagement within the local community 
we are hopeful that crowds are dispersing. No arrests.
"A section 60 has been authorised in the vicinity 
until 6pms on Saturday, June 27. Officers will 
remain in the area in order to provide reassurance."

One man was arrested on suspicion of possessing a 
firearm after a gun was allegedly found at a block party in Newham.
Police were called to Hoskins Close at 4.49pm to 
reports of a large gathering of people who were setting up a sound system.
When officers arrived, a suspected firearm was discovered.
The crowds were dispersed and the man was taken into custody.
A spokesperson for the Met said: "A man has been 
arrested and a firearm has been seized following 
reports of a large gathering in Newham.
"Police were called to Hoskins Close, E16 at 
4.49pm to a report of a large gathering of people 
who were setting up a sound system.
"Officers attended and dispersed the crowd, they 
remained on scene and a suspected firearm was 
discovered, it was immediately seized.
"Following enquiries in the area, a suspect was 
identified and was arrested for possession of a 
firearm. Officers remain in the area."

Around 300 people attended an unlicensed music 
event in Kingston Riverside and Kingston town centre on Friday night.
More than 50 police officers were called to the 
area at 11pm to disperse the group.
It was the second time in 24 hours police were 
called to Kingston Riverside, with more than 200 
people seen "drinking alcohol and playing loud 
music" on Thursday night (June 25).
A spokesperson for the Met said on Saturday 
morning: "At approx 11pm last night, over 50 
officers from Emergency Response Team A, other 
South West BCU teams and Met Task Force enforced 
the dispersal order for Kingston town centre. 
Approx 250-300 people were removed from Kingston Riverside and the town centre.
"A dispersal order, issued under Section 35 of 
the Police and Crime Act 2014 remains in place 
until 12.29am [on] Sunday, June 29. This gives 
police the power to direct people to leave the 
area and not return within 48 hours. Anyone 
breaching this direction can be arrested."

West Kilburn
Hundreds of people were spotted on Parry Road in 
West Kilburn on Friday evening listening to music.
Videos posted on social media show revellers 
listening to the loud music at around 12am.
It's understood the group moved from Parry Road 
to near Lynford Community Hall at some point during the evening.
A spokesperson for the Met said: "In response to 
the on going incident on Parry Road, W10 we have 
our eyes in the sky @NPASSouthEast monitoring."

Clapham Common
Reports on social media suggest around 500 people 
were spotted on Clapham Common late on Friday night.
Again, loud music was being played through a sound system.
One person said on Twitter: "Clapham Common has 
500 yuppies partying with a sound system. I don’t 
care except that 1 mile down the road is Brixton, 
where riot police turn up to shut down much smaller parties."
Another tweeted at 12.40am: "People are still in 
Clapham Common park at this time. Bloody foxes."

Police respond to the unlicensed music event in 
Blenheim Gardens, Brixton (Image: @MPSWestminster)
It's understood there was an unlicensed music 
event on Blenheim Gardens, Brixton. on Friday night.
Police were called at around 12am and remained at 
the scene throughout the night.
A spokesperson for the Met said: "Public Order 
Trained Officers are on scene at Blenheim 
Gardens, W11 along with @NPASSouthEast dealing 
with an incident. We apologise for any 
inconvenience caused but we are worked to bring 
the event to a safe conclusion."

What have police said?
The Metropolitan Police Commissioner says 
“consequences will follow” for those who attack 
officers and damage property as she promised to 
shut down illegal parties in London over the weekend.
Cressida Dick writes in The Sun that it has been 
a “very difficult week” in the capital, with 
officers coming under attack as they tried to break up crowds.
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick 
has promised to shut down illegal parties in 
London (Image: John Stillwell/PA Wire)
The commissioner said: “The officers I met this 
week were poised to deal with whatever they 
faced. Hundreds ready in full kit, should there 
be a violent or aggressive crowd to deal with.
“My message to those involved in thuggery and 
criminal damage is consequences will follow.”
The top officer earlier said the force had a 
“duty” to stop unlawful music events during the 
Covid-19 pandemic and vowed: “We will be prepared this weekend.”
She suggested the number of police injuries is 
now “heading up to 140-odd officers” in the past 
three weeks, including those hurt during protests 
in the wake of the death of George Floyd in the US.
The commissioner said: “We have seen some large 
numbers of people completely flouting the health 
regulations, seeming not to care at all about 
their own or their families’ health and wanting to have large parties.
“It is hot. Some people have drunk far too much. 
Some people are just angry and aggressive and some people are plain violent.
“We will be prepared this weekend. We have 
officers all over London working hard again to 
try to keep the peace and to protect our public from violence and disorder.” 
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