Land Justice for wild animals like wolves and bears, no mention of people..?

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Land Justice for wild animals like wolves and bears, no mention of people..?
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Simply put, radical environmentalism, a.k.a. the GREEN MOVEMENT, DEEP 
ECOLOGY, or REWILDING, is a philosophy that elevates nature over man. 
Hitler incorporated this naturalistic philosophy in his infamous treatise, 
Mein Kampf, where he blamed the entire Jewish race for what he called “the 
pacification of Nature”. 

According to Hitler, the Jews, and to a lesser extent, the Judeo-Christian 
ethic that stemmed from a belief in a “transcendent God”, were responsible 
for wrecking the environmental health of the planet. Hitler believed that 
Jews and Christians accomplished this evil deed through the promotion of 
capitalism, international commerce, and/or the communitarian values of 

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The People's Land Policy project is organising a meeting to discuss what
kind of land use and what policies we need to combat climate change and
enhance biodiversity and rewilding. It is on the 28th of March at the
New Economics Foundation in London. Programme includes speakers from the
London Mining Network, Anti-Coal Network, Friends of the Earth and the
Woodland Trust.
All details and registration- see below.

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